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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

All Things to All People

posted by on February 14 at 14:09 PM

There’s a new li’l cousin’ to The Stranger’s podcastic line-up of original podcasts.

All Things to All People is a variety show, with interviews, music, and assorted (hopefully funny) tidbits of sound, put together by me and a few friends—sort of my idea of what radio would be like if radio wasn’t ridiculous and terrible. It joins Dan Savage’s unbelievably hilarious Savage Love (it’s just like being in the office again!), David Schmader’s unsparing Justify Your Pod (the theme song is brilliant) and AA Meeting, Jen Graves’s assiduous inVisible, and Megan Seling’s totally alcohol and drug free Setlist. It’s good company to be in.

The inaugural ATTAP runs a little more than an hour. features an interview with Green Gartside from Scritti Politti, Steve Fisk’s Eastern Washington Memories, a preview of new slang terms for 2007, Music Listings from other cities (with the guys from MP3 blog Reeler Than Thou), and the song of the month, “Ghostship,” from the amazing new Menomena record.

Coming next month: Hodgman! Personal Productivity! Are You Cool?! And more fun from Fisk, Reeler, Glanz, and the gang!

Show index and download HERE.

But go HERE to give a listen (and a look) to all the Stranger Podcasts.

Stranger Podcasts: They’re good!

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I do love Hodgman.

Posted by Lindy | February 14, 2007 2:47 PM

Dear MR. Nelson,

I am certainly interested in listening to your podcast but cannot because the itunes link on your site doesn't work. Please fix this Mr. Nelson. If you are truly valued at The Stranger it will be fixed immediately. Thank you Mr. Nelson.

Posted by Big Chuck | February 14, 2007 8:05 PM

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