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Monday, January 29, 2007

Today in Stranger Suggests

posted by on January 29 at 11:00 AM


Seattle’s Best-Looking Comedians
We ran out of clever ideas, so here’s a straightforward standup-comedy show with some of the best-looking comedians in Seattle. Kevin Richards, Owen Straw, Meghan Hounshell, Brian Moote, and Stranger favorite Dan Carroll will be there. Some short movies, too, to relieve your eyes from the blazing hotness. (Jewelbox Theater, 2322 Second Ave, 441-5823. 8 pm, $6, 21+; or check out the Entertainment Show at Sunset Tavern, 5433 Ballard Ave, 784-4880. 9 pm, $6, 21+.) HARI KONDABOLU

[All Suggests items this week are written by the Strangercrombie auction winners over at]

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