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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Get the Picture

posted by on January 11 at 20:49 PM

In a post from Olympia earlier today, I ran some lengthy quotes from Sen. Ed Murray (D-43) and Rep. Jamie Pedersen (D-43) regarding the gay marriage and domestic partnerships bills.

Those quotes, in which both legislators explained their gay marriage strategy, were butchered (by me) as I transcribed them in a hurry. Here they are again. More intelligible hopefully.

Murray told me:

By emphasizing issues in the domestic partnership bill—being able to visit your partner in the hospital and bury your partner—we emphasize two of the 400 … 500 rights of marriage that gays and lesbians don’t have. Every year we’ll introduce more of these and people are going to get the picture that we just need to do the whole thing

The idea here is a multiple bill strategy to get people educated. If we just focused on marriage we’d just have this huge culture war.

By breaking out: “This is what we’re asking for” ….hundredes of things down the line…to be able to visit our partners… to have them on our health care… we educate people to the reality. We show people that we need to be able to protect the person we’re with or have access to their property.

Pedersen added:

What’s central to going about it this way is that we can make this progress this year. If we were going to do a symbol bill where we don’t think we’re going to pass it, why don’t we just do a marriage bill [on its own]? Or do comprehensive domestic partnership legislation. We’re doing what we can do this year, knowing that we’re going to keep on doing this and keep on adding things every session until we get marriage.

The reason for including the specific rights they did is because these rights are all things gays or lesbians could do if they paid lawyers enough. “This has an economic justice component too,” Pedersen says. “You’ve got people who can’t afford to have lawyers make all these fancy expensive arrangements,” that straight people get for the cost of a marriage license.

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Ed Murray's a smart man, with a hell of a lot more patience and faith in democracy than I have. Glad he's there.

Posted by David Summerlin | January 11, 2007 9:10 PM

So this isn't about extending rights, its just about making them more easy and affordable? Gays wont be able to enter into any arrangements they can't already enter into, it will just be cheaper and more convenient? (like WalMart?)

If only the Democrats had power in Olympia, then they could fight for full marriage right. Oh, thats right, they do... and they won't. But lets keep sending them our money, votes and support because they at least give us lip service.

Posted by you_gotta_be_kidding_me | January 11, 2007 11:47 PM

YGBKM: Support for marriage equality is a prerequisite for getting elected to office in Seattle, but Democrats from Chehalis or Centralia often have different opinions. Don't be such a 206-er.

Posted by J.R. | January 12, 2007 10:03 AM

This sounds like great legislation that Murray, Pederson, and the other gay legislators (presumably) are working on.

I don't live in Washington now, but I did until a few years back and only when I moved to a more right wing state did I realize what I was missing. It sounds like Washington has become even more progressive since then, with that awful Gary Locke gone from office.

I can see why they make want to take it slow this session. Hopefully they can push for marriage later on. I'm just so tired of those in both parties who try to blame gays for electoral failures.

Posted by Jon | January 15, 2007 5:48 AM

Sort of like southern Democrats (or wait, I guess that was most Democrats) had "different opinions" about cival rights for blacks in the 50s & 60s based on thier prerequisite for election?

Posted by You_Gotta_Be_Kidding_Me | January 15, 2007 12:02 PM

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