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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Vote Today!

Posted by on September 19 at 11:27 AM

Today is the day to vote in the primary election—either in person or have your mail-in ballot postmarked. Get to it, and don’t forget to select a party affiliation at the top of the ballot.

Looking for information on who to vote for? Read The Stranger primary endorsements and take an Election Cheat Sheet with you.

Polls are open until 8:00 p.m. Don’t know where to go? King County voters can look up their polling place here.

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Anyone have very strong, but rational, reasons for choosing Pure over Street? I'm still quite torn, but am leaning towards Street.

Vote Bill Sherman in the 43rd!

I already voted for Stephanie - but here was my rationale: she is talking about stuff that matters to me: protecting choice, renters rights, giving access to those oft-overlooked in government. Clearly (at least to me), she has a heart. And I would say that's a refreshing change from what we are seeing on a national level. Do the other candidates have a heart? Sure, but do the other candidates exude it? Hell no. Does she have the longest resume? No. But does she have relevant legislative experience? Yes! I am guessing that if you are a legislative aide, you're pretty crafty at navigating the budget process. That's enough for me...Go PURE!

Jim Street supported the Nordstrom parking lot bailout...a giveaway for Nordstrom.

He supported the civility laws and the TDO.

did anyone see that Bill Sherman got the endorsement of the Seattle Nightlife and Music Association (SNMA), which the Stranger reported on here:

This was the first year that the judicial races were so damn ugly that I didn't rely entirely on The Stranger's cheat sheet to vote.

Re comment 5:

Actually the SNMA endorsement was a dual endorsement: Stephanie Pure & Bill Sherman.

Sounds like good arguments for Pure over Street to me.

Gitai - how/why did you veer from the endorsement list in the judicial races?

If you want a candidate with 'heart', with true, proven passion for social justice and a history of effectively working for it, check out Lynne Dodson. As co-chair of Jobs with Justice and head of her union she's been out there on the line working for (among other things) equity, fair wages, peace, and education. This is why she has been endorsed by so many respected members of Seattle's progressive community. Watch the video on her web site to understand some of her passion and where she is coming from. Read her thoughtful, specific position papers. She's not just spouting a line to get elected--Lynne has for many, many years been walking the talk. She will be a wonderful and effective progressive voice for a progressive district!

lynne dodson is scary looking.

not to mention the fact that i've spoken with her in person and she doesn't come off as the sharpest tool in the shed...

Judging a candidate based on their appearance is the sort of logic that gets people like George Bush elected.
Lynne Dodson is one of the smartest people I have ever met, not to mention passionate, approachable, effective and commited to social justice. She is a terrific candidate and I am definitely voting for her!

Why not go for the whole package... looks, character, brains, and passion for the issues?! Bill Sherman is definitely the one to represent all of us in the 43rd!

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