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Monday, September 11, 2006

Not At This Address

Posted by on September 11 at 14:55 PM

Back when I first heard Stephanie Pure was running in the 43rd, I was bummedónow that I live in Portland, I wouldn’t be able to vote for her.

Photo_091106_003.JPGBut maybe I was wrongódespite moving out of King County last November, and registering to vote in Multnomah County this past spring (March 16, to be exact), I got my King County ballot in the mail today, forwarded from Seattle.

I wondered if I’d screwed upómaybe I was supposed to tell King County to cancel my registration?

Nope: According to King County Elections’ site, if I move out of state, I must “re-register to vote in your new state. Once registered there, that state will notify King County to cancel your old registration.”

Not only did I re-register in another state six months ago, but I voted in the primary election here, back in May. So which county screwed up? Did Multnomah County fail to notify King County, or did King County not bother to clean up the voter rolls?

And what should I do with the ballot?

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Destroy it.

This same thing happened to me. I moved to Kitsap County and re-registered to vote four months ago and I just recieved my King County ballot last week.

In 2005, my wife was mailed two ballots from King County.

But don't worry, the county election problems will be fixed once the elections office gets in a new building, that is the problem...

Sell it on eBay!

Hey, at least you didn't have to vote using a Diebold machine, which would have changed your votes FOR you.

Darken the party-preference oval for Republican; darken the Governor oval for Dino Rossi; seal in security envelope; seal security envelope in outer envelope after signing oath on outer envelope; affix two (2) first-class stamps; mail.


you would have voted for stephanie pure?

might as well not use it then-- your vote wouldn't help elect someone to the 43rd either way!

you mean you wouldn't have buckled under the pressure of gays in the 43rd and voted jamie identity-politics-is-all-i-have pedersen?

Ethically, you should shred it.

Morally, you should shred it.

But, if you're a Republican, you should copy it and cast 200 ballots.

Yeah, looks like Oregon slacked on letting WA know of your presence. Kind of dumb on WA's part to put that burden on other states, like they don't have enough to worry about.

I'm in Ferry County. We've had vote by mail for years. When ballots didn't arrive, I asked the PostMaster what happened. Our Post Office Box number had been changed earlier in the year. She said. . .ballots cannot be forwarded. Made sense to me. Wait. . .where were you from? King County? That explains it.

This is your liberal RAT government at work.... go figure.

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