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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Getting a Leg Up in Porn, Now Available on DVD

Posted by on September 13 at 17:40 PM


The second-place winner at The Stranger’s amateur porn extravaganza last weekend has decided to sell his wildly popular movie for $10 a copy…


Want to own the short film about which David Schmader wrote

Made me laugh so hard I repeatedly snorted like a hog.

…and which involved the use of the game Mousetrap in a manner that, again quoting Schmader, “deserves the comedy equivalent of the Nobel Prize”?

Details in the jump…

(Via Seattlest.)

Due to popular demand, the HUMP 2nd place winning entry "Getting A Leg Up In Porn" is now available for sale on DVD! This is a spoof on those old 70's instructional filmstrips and had the audience roaring with laughter and boners at every showing.

These won't be mailed until Monday Sept 25th, because the guy who has the files on his computer is out of town until then. But we are accepting orders now while the demand is high.

It is $10 and that includes shipping. You can paypal your payment for however many copies you want to:

Paypal is the only way we are accepting orders at this time.

Also, to prove that this is not a scam, below are screen shots from the production. If you were at the screenings you will recognize them. Furthermore, Paypal is a safe way to transact, as they have excellent fraud prevention practices. It seemed like the safest and most trusted way to sell these.

The actors in the film signed release forms allowing it to be shown outside of HUMP, and they are both actors in the adult industry so fear not that we are ruining the lives of hapless preschool teachers.

Spread the word! Your favorite (or 2nd favorite as the case may be) HUMP entry is available on DVD!

Screen shot 1
Screen shot 2

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This is in direct violation of the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy, and there's a good chance their account will be frozen and closed.

You may not use PayPal in the purchase or sale of, or receipt of donations for, any obscene or sexually oriented goods or services.

I won't say anything if you won't.

It was good, but 10 bucks for a single short film? err... It's a nice try at capitalizing on this, but I don't think the market will be there. But, who knows? Especially since it's comedic and intentionally low-quality, watching it on the Internet will be just as good, once it appears there magically, through noone's infringement of copyright.

The obscenity charge would be tough to pin on it if you actually saw the movie. It's a spoof and a comedy with about 10 seconds or less of actual explicit content. The rest is just a few boobs and a lot of laughs. Mainstream movies like "Irreversible" and the recent "Brown Bunny" have more explicit content in them and are accepted as artistic works. Again, if you saw the movie you wouldn't say such dumb stuff. That being said, it is selling nicely. Thanks for the concern!

Also, Noink, the DVD will have some bonus content to make up for the fact that it is indeed a 6 minute short.

What about selling a comressed digital file for iPod video? Is that an option?

p.s. - $10 is totally worth it - it was GREAT!

wow, the video by is going to be sold!? for profit!? no way...

I could probably convert it to AVC or MP4 or whatever the Ipod standard is. I will ask the editing guy when he returns.

And hey lame, if you saw the movie you would see that the end credits say "thanks to dormangels", not "made by dormangels". They simply supplied a model. But hey, the internet is where reactionary douchebags get to pretend like their opinion makes sense, isn't it?!

This movie was made by non-porno people and the 2nd place prize will cover the costs that we spent making it. The proceeds from the sale will give us a little reward for our work. And that's the name of that tune!

This movie's a must in any true collectors video drawer. Sheesh. 10 bucks is, like what, two drinks in any bar within Seattle city limits? That mousetrap scene is like a slice of fried gold....


my apologies (mostly for my own spelling and grammer). i have actually seen your video and enjoyed it very much. i was told by a friend, after the screening, that yours had been made by and was only then dissapointed. i applaud your hard work and fully support your calling me a "used bag of vaginal vinegar" after my asshole statement.

no problem. let's never fight again!

Aw, lame...don't feel bad. It's pretty clear that Barlos is an asshole, too.

Just put it on frickin' YouTube. It's gonna end up there in five minutes anyway.

Spoken like a true pirate! Dumbass.


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