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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

DJ DV-One Attacked by SPD

Posted by on September 20 at 16:10 PM

From Keenan Bowen’s Line Out post:

A bulletin currently making the rounds on Myspace:

DV One and his daughter were brutally beaten and tazed by the Seattle Police in September of this year - and today DV one has a court hearing for charges that may or may not be brought against him. (DV’s personal account of what happened is pasted at the end of this bulletin)

Now is the time to put all of those “unity in hiphop” statements to work. We are trying to “rally the troops” and get as many people possible to pack the courtroom in support of DV. To speak for his good character (if you know him - you know how non violent and stand up he is) and if you don’t know him personally - to just come and show support for a member of the Seattle Hiphop Family.

His hearing is TODAY people - so come and stand up — and show the police and local officials that Seattle Hiphop is a movement that supports more that just the music - we support justice for everyone.

TODAY - WEDNESDAY 9/20/06 at 2:30pm in the King County Jail BLDG courthouse.

Courtroom ..1 (5th and James; downtown Seattle).


this is my declaration to be submitted ASAP.. 3 of 20+
photos attached

On September 15, 2006 at around 7:30pm I went to memorial stadium to pick up my daughter (Andrea Christian) from her high schools football game at memorial stadium. Upon my arrival I quickly located Andrea and directed her to the car so we could leave. As my daughter walked away (toward the car) I stayed behind and chatted with a friend briefly before being interrupted by one of Andreas friends, Adreianna Holmes.

Adreianna said Toby, the police have Andrea! and I should go see what was going on. As I went over to the scene I noticed Andrea being held by the police in an arm lock and being shoved repeatedly against a parked car by a police officer, while another officer stood guard. I approached the scene and was immediately stopped by the female police officer who said I couldnt go over there with her hands outstretched blocking. I identified myself as the parent of the child being detained and the officer said so what!

The female officer then reached for her flashlight and pulled it out. I put my hands up, and backed off
saying whoa, whoa, and she responded with oh so youre gonna hit me? and immediately radiod the all
call officer assaulted after sending the radio to other officers she proceeded forward rushing in toward
me swinging, the officer detaining my daughter pulled out his firearm as more officers swarmed in. I turned my back avoid being shot, hit, or grabbed. I was then slammed to the ground by two officers, handcuffed, kicked in the head (approx 20x), body and limbs repeatedly, berated and tazed at least twice, while already subdued on the ground.

The kicking and stomping of my head and body continued while I was being handcuffed, ridiculed, and humiliated in front of my daughter and many onlookers. Another officer grabbed my hand while I was cuffed pushing my wrist down and shoving my arms upward in some type of judo move, while telling me he would break my arm for hitting his female officer. I was then left on the ground while being searched and stood over by several police. When I was brought to my feet my shoulder felt dislocated, my face was bloody, my eyes and head extremely swollen, and body bruised from the police beating.

The officers then asked me how I liked being tazed and if it felt good. They then told me this
is going to be another felony on your record and youre going to prison now boy. After that I was rushed to a nearby police car. I was sat down to watch the officer who originally detained my 14 year old daughter proceed to grab, slam, scream and continue to berate her, blame her for what happened to her father.

The situation culminated with Andrea and Adreianna being handcuffed and taken into custody. Andrea is a honor student who recently graduated from St. Therese School, and a first week freshman at Franklin High School. She has no criminal record, respects authority, and goes to school everyday with a big pink tinkerbell backpack. Andrea is clearly not a threat to anyones safety, especially the police.

What happened to us that night was an obvious abuse of power. It was unjust, brutal and an easy civil rights violation. My beating and most certainly the abuse received by my daughter was unprovoked and completely unnecessary.


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Mmmm Back Fat.

People in Seattle love to feel upset. Police Brutality is something they can get all worked up and feel morally superior about. In Champagne-Irbana when cops fucked with people nobody cared. That town had better bars too.

It's a pretty well known fact that as liberal as Seattle claims to be: all you have to do is see the race-population chart to realize how white of a town it is. They say they're not racist, but then again the majority of them do not live near African Americans and other minorities. I'm angered at what happened, yet not surprised. Something needs to change.

Seattle is very racist. If someone tells you they are not racist it means they are even more racist. The White European Males that live here want to elect Hitler as Mayor.

Hip Hop is Seattle's most important music and it's discriminated against. Seattle Weakly won't put Hip Hop acts on the cover because they are so racist. The Stranger speaks the truth about Seattle being a city of Hitler loving neo-nazi types.

many police dislike blacks, gays, hispanics etc. This little incident just goes to show how really "unified" we are as a nation and who the terrorists REALLY are. All of this "we are all americans" garbage is meaningless. Minority groups have been facing terrorist attacks by americans long before 9 11 and still do to this day as witnessed by this latest attack by Seattle Police Queda. I am a gay man and personally have been threatened and called names by various american terrorists in the past (some of whom were african american by the way. Minorities in this country have more to fear from domestic terrorists than we do any foreign threats. So next time you want somebody to fight your wars for you or help you when YOU have problems, count me out.

I'm not siding with the police here, but any info on why the police grabbed his daughter in the first place? Surely at some point (quite possibly after the beating) they would have said *something* as justification for their actions...

yeah, i'd like to hear the other side of the story. i seriously doubt the police grabbed the girl unprovoked, and it mentions nothing of DV fighting back. big, buff looking meatheads like that wouldn't sit idly by and not harass or fight back. this story sounds so completly one-sided i'm inclined to not believe it at all. you dont' get tazed just by standing there being polite.

I wasn't there and don't know any of the parties involved, so I can't make any judgment, but it is good to know so many Stranger readers were indoctrinated by the SSD.

"Seattle is very racist. If someone tells you they are not racist it means they are even more racist. The White European Males that live here want to elect Hitler as Mayor."

Yep sure does boss.

"Seattle is very racist. If someone tells you they are not racist it means they are even more racist. The White European Males that live here want to elect Hitler as Mayor."

Yep sure does boss.

I don't know what happened in fact, but it wouldn't suprise me if some hyped up Seattle cops wanted to set some examples for sassy high school black youths. And they know the citizenry isn't going to call them on it, given how terrified they are told to be of young blacks. That's why black parents tell their kids to be so polite to cops, because they will fuck with you if you talk back or even act intelligent. Its all ya'sa , na'sa with the cops if you are a black teenager.

I have know Toby aka DJ DV-1 most of my life from our days growing up in West Seattle. I am very upset at how the police reacted because A.I have never once seen Toby get into a fight. B. I have never seen him curse at a woman. which leads me to C. I understand the responsibilty being a conserned parent and father, Toby's daughter is awsome, but with these known facts I could never fathom him lifting a finger at a woman or person of authority in front of his daughter. His daughter respects him, and her respects her. It is very unfortunate this event had to happen, but at the same time it is a good wake up call to the City, the Police Dept. and the Mayor that they are not perfect and need to do some internal cleaning or retraining. DJ Dv-1 has volunteered 100's of hours to teen's to help elevate & educate Seattle's hip-hop scene. I hope justice will be served in the behalf of DV-1. This is beyond race, this deals with every parent who has a child.
I hope everyone comes and supports DV-1 Wednesday morning at 8:30 am.
I will be there.
-DJ Forrest Gump

this sounds very similar to a situation that happened to a close friend of mine up on Capitol Hill...young black man being harrassed by racist Seattle cop...he was beat by the cops in front of the War Room...sounds like the Seattle PD needs an ass kicking of their own...

Once again, it's only a one-sided story...DV's account of what happened. I'm sorry but it sounds like bullshit to me. First off, I HIGHLY doubt that the officer said to him "So what" when he explained that was his daughter being detained. It's a Washington state law that minors under 18 must be released to a parent or guardian.
And here is a fact for you "open-minded" masses. You just don't get tasered or "an ass kicking" for being mellow and reasonable while talking to the police. DV set them off because he probably started the whole thing by losing his head. Act like a fucking logical human being and you will get the same treatment in return. Yes, it is that simple...
All I am saying is think for yourself and not everything you read...Don't beLIEve the hype...

It is very unfortunate that this happened. May it be racial, stupidity, or ignorance, from this side of the story it seems absolutely racial. However, one must remember that there are 2 sides to every story. We can't take information from one side without hearing the other. Also negative generalizations about groups, clubs, people, jobs, races, etc is just another from of discrimination. Statements such as, "Seattle Police are Racist” is only enforcing the same behavior we are supposed to rise above. A comment like this is just contradictory and proves that you are not any better than the person that created the issue.

Think before you talk, because reactive words tend to be emotional and quite illogical.

You guys live in what is called a police state there are more cops per citzen than any other major city besides NYC. The drakonian laws in seattle and Washington the amount of bullshit phone calls that go to 911. (p.s. if you read the SEATTLE PI article a 911 call is what started this whole mess in the first place) I left Seattle because of the B.S. legal trouble I got in. I know people in S.F. that have lived there entire lives and have never spoken or been pulled over by a cop. Can you believe that. No police in your life! Wouldn't that be great! The idea of living a safe life and having clean streets is the number one priority for most of Seattle's Citzens. There scared and Sheltered stuck in their little clean white neighborhood.

WOW!!!! I love the way you people can read some one-sided, internet account of an incident and make a decision, much less recreate the entire incident!

And someone please tell me how past observations of character prove innocence.... Andrea Yates was a good, church going mother until one fateful day!

This is Bullshit, as a man, let alone a black man, I do not like to read nor hear about a person being abused by the punk ass Seattle PD. Toby is a good dude, always has been, these muh fuggas need to be suspended w/out pay and detained themselves. PS, he did what any other loving parent would have done, fuck the police....

If you do not believe the police are capable of doing something like this then you've been blessed. At age 11 (around 17 years ago), I answered the phone at 3am only to discover my 14 year old brother had been beaten up by the police. He was not taken to the hospital but to juvy. He was hit in the head with one of those big flashlights (he had to get stitches), he was kicked and beat down by 6 ADULT police officers who said he was a "threat". The ironic thing is, he was walking home from a play he was starring in against gangs and drugs. He was NOT a gang banger, a drug dealer or user. He was a KID! A peaceful, intelligent kid. For those who don't believe, it is more than likely that you're white and do not have to encounter the discrimination a black person faces on a daily basis. Of course there are always two sides to the story, but if you've never experienced something does not mean it does not exist. I also know the man who was beat up in front of the War Room, he is an artist, a teacher and a pillar in the black community doing many positive things. His own mother did not recognize him, he was beat so bad. Even if DV One was getting upset, irrate or irrational, it does not constitute a beating by several people to that degree.

1) overall 1'd tag this event as unfortunate.

2) there is only one race (human race), let's live by that in which we truely want to be.

3) overall police are "peace officers" and do supply a valuable service to our community. might i state if someone broke into your house i'd bet u wouldn't call ghostbusters. yet... fuck'd up shit happens. power often is abused for whatever reason.

4) i know dv1. he is solid individual. good peeps. therefore i do have mad empathy for him. i want none other that of the best for him and his family.

5) ignorance is bliss, might i suggest to use knowledge and reasoning to increase our awareness therefore making rational thoughts letting not our emotions shape our actions. Thus possibly contributing to the negativity encompassing this sad event.

6) two negatives only make a positive in algebra, so if you got love... support your people not just with your heart but as well as your mind.

7) thank you.

Charles C. LaBenz
dj SooNami

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