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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Chubby Bunny Claims Another Victim

Posted by on September 19 at 11:29 AM

And the actual story’s nowhere near as morbidly delightful as that headline.

The Chubby Bunny in question is not, as it turns out, an actual overweight rabbit, but a carnival game, wherein participants cram their mouths with marshmallows until they are unable to say the words “chubby bunny.”

Unfortunately, it’s horribly dangerous, as 32-year-old Janet Rudd and her loved ones learned the hard way, after Rudd was roped into a round of Chubby Bunny last week at the Western Fair in London, Ontario, and died.

Details come from Ontario’s Globe & Mail:

[A]fter putting four marshmallows in her mouth, Janet quit the contest and walked away from the stage. Fair officials say she spat out a wad of thick, white goop before leaving, and was 10 metres from the stage before she signalled for help. She collapsed, unable to breathe. A crowd gathered around her. First-aid workers tried to perform CPR and called an ambulance. The local ambulance service was on scene within minutes, but couldn’t revive her. According to Chris Darby, duty manager for Thames ambulance, Janet went into cardiac arrest.

“The game is insane,” said John Fish to the Globe & Mail. “You have these esophagus-sized plugs and you’re not allowed to chew them or swallow them, but your saliva’s acting on them and making them slippery—I mean it’s inevitable that someone is going to die.” (Mr. Fish should know—his 12-year-old daughter died after playing Chubby Bunny at school in 1999.)

“You breathe in at the wrong time and you draw a huge airway obstruction down into your airway that is essentially self-sealing,” said Chris Darby, duty manager for Thames ambulance. “It’s like spraying Styrofoam in there.”

Full story here.

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I would chalk this one up to natural selection, but I vaguely recall winning a bet in 3rd grade about who could put more marshmellows in one's mouth--- scary!!

They should change this game to "Icy Testicles". Everything can be the same, except substitute ice cubes for marshmallows and then say "Icy Testicles". All the fun of Chubby Bunny and impossible to choke!

FOUR? That's pathetic. I was up to thirteen before I had to let them go.

I played this game throughout my adolescence. Where? At summer camp! What kind of summer camp? Jesus camp! Adults oversaw! Now that I know I could have died? Thank god Jesus was watching over us!

I never won. I got up to 17 once. The winner that year made it to 24. The trick is to let them liquefy.

FOUR? she deserved it.

I wanna play Chubby Bunny. In a dirty way.

Snopes has a good article about this.

Though it's true a kid choked to death on marshmellows, the details of the death have evolved into something a little more hysterical. They don't melt down into some unremovable concoction.

Newsflash - kids can choke to death when they shove stuff into their mouths! Chubby Bunny isn't any more dangerous than a hot dog eating contest.

is there some sort of Chubby Bunny safety kit i can pick at the health department? this sounds like totes too much fun to pass up!

That's not the way taught chubby bunny years ago. No one ever choked playing it the old Catholic altar-boy way.

The chorus I used to sing for used this game as kind of a joke initiation for new chorus members. I abstained, as the very smell of marshmallows makes me gag (I find them repulsive, vomitous, and lacking any reason for their existence). Besides, it's pointless to play so long as T.J. is in the chorus - he can cram something like 18 of the goddam things in his mouth and still articulate clearly. It's inhuman.

My husband did give him a run for his money, though, but T.J. still slaughtered him at 14.

Uh, seems to me a cup of hot tea (or coffee or even water) would take care of any mass of sugar stuck in someone's throat.

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