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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Artistic Director for Theater Schmeater Stepping Down

Posted by on September 19 at 11:45 AM

Rob West, who has been the executive artistic director of Capitol Hill’s Theater Schmeater for almost six years, is moving on. While he held the job, Schmeater produced some popular late-night shows (Twilight Zone, Money and Run by Wayne S. Rawley) and several local world premieres (including Back of the Throat by Yussef El Guindi, which won the Schmeater playwrighting competition in 2004 and, after its Schmeater run, went to New York where the New Yorker called it “brilliant and sinewy”).

He says he’s leaving to get married and film a movie he’s always wanted to make. No replacement has been selected.

A nice note to exit on: Theater Schmeater is currently running Soul of a Whore, the last in a three-part play cycle by Denis Johnson (who wrote Jesus’ Son), which was published four years ago in McSweeney’s, volume nine, and summarized in the magazine’s table of contents like this:

Eugene O’Neill meets Greek drama meets, of course, Denis Johnson. The characters are blurred in mystery and seem suspiciously connected through fate or destiny. This is a play you read and cannot wait to see performed on stage.

Now’s your chance.

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Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. Seattle will be a better place when this asshole leaves. My girlfriend dragged me to one of his plays once and that stole two hours of my life I'll never get back.

Amen. Please get someone back in the Schmee's who thinks women are people and there's more to theater than macho slapstick.

That is totally unfair. This guy is keeping Seattle's fringe theatre alive. That's more than I can say for the time I can't back after reading your posts.

Hmm, sounds like someone didn't get cast.

Give me a break! This guy has spent years working his tail off for no pay to bring new and underserved plays and playwrights to the stage. He's given actors opportunities that very few other Theater Company's in Seattle have. Many folks in this town got their start there and it was because of him. And you say "don't let the door hit you on the ass"? You "Good Riddance" are the "asshole." Most likley your a no talent hack who can't act himself out of a wet paper bag or even worse some brain dead Television Slave who can't tell good theater from his rear end. Crass, classless idiots like you make me nauseous. You are a clueless fool, and I weep for your girlfriend who tried to get you interested in more than the "Man Show."

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