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Monday, September 11, 2006

Antenna Balls are the New Tits

Posted by on September 11 at 13:34 PM

While everyone else is chitter-chattering about vaginas, female-ejactulations, and the honkin-huge hose on that lawn boy kid, I personally can’t get over the terrifying, yet, kinda HOT dream I had, after seeing HUMP!, that involved me being chased down Broadway by a GIANT Jack in the Box antenna ball…. Let’s just say, he “caught” me, and now I can’t even walk by that restaurant without feeling, well, “funny”. Have I lost my mind? Will I ever be able to go in there and order a Jack Taco without feeling like a pervert? In any case, the filmmaker of HUMP!’s “Jacking Off” is brilliant, and just as good as any or all of those animated shows on cable’s [adult swim]. Huzzahs!!


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This is the sixth slog about HUMP! today! I suggest The Stranger staff all climax, take a hot shower, and maybe have a cigarette.

Awwww. Someone didn't get tickets.

marry me kelly o. i bet jack is not a whoa girl kind of dude.

Dude, the ONE film I could not get out of my head today was Jacking Off.

"Hello... Jack."
"um... hi, Dick...."

and of course, the closing line..

"Why... hello, Big Boy!"

Kelly I am sabotaging your slog! But you told me at the event that you wanted a copy so I feel it's ok.

Due to popular demand, the HUMP 2nd place winning entry "Getting A Leg Up In Porn" is now available for sale on DVD! This is a spoof on those old 70's instructional filmstrips and had the audience roaring with laughter and boners at every showing.

These won't be mailed until monday Sept 25th because the guy who has the files on his computer is out of town until then. But we are accepting orders now while the demand is high.

It is $10 and that includes shipping. You can paypal your payment for however many copies you want to:

Paypal is the only way we are accepting orders at this time.

Also, to prove that this is not a scam, below are screen shots from the production. If you were at the screenings you will recognize them. Furthermore, Paypal is a safe way to transact as they have excellent fraud prevention practices. It seemed like the safest and most trusted way to sell these.

The actors in the film signed release forms allowing it to be shown outside of HUMP and they are both actors in the adult industry so fear not that we are ruining the lives of hapless preschool teachers.

Spread the word! Your favorite (or 2nd favorite as the case may be) HUMP entry is available on DVD!

I might also add that the DVD will have some bonus stuff on it! Some outtakes and bloopers and what not. More BANG for your buck!

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