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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Posted by on August 15 at 12:47 PM

Here’s some good news: World Trade Center, which Annie Wagner gave a proper thrashing in this review, is not only on the dusty path to losing lots of money (it cost $70 million to make and made only $18 million during the its most important weekend), it was also beaten by what is practically a pointless remake of Save The Last Dance, Step Up. But if I were in a position to recommend one or the other, I would say go and see the replica of Save The Last Dance. The hood fantasy that racially structures Step Up, is by no means as insidious as the military/oil fantasy that is at the root of World Trade Center.

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Charles your film was more important than anything Oliver Stone has done. An artist of your stature has a right to whine and kvetch about a lightweight like Oliver Stone. "Natural Born Killers" is nothing compared to your film work Charles. You are our local treasure, and everything you write is dreamy and poetic.

Evidently you don't have the same thing in mind as I do when I hear "military/oil fantasy". I imagine an oil wrestling reprise of Bootcamp Wrestling. That I'd watch, though not with Nicholas Cage as the star.

Interesting that the Evangelical Christians can't get enough of the hard core films in their hotel rooms (as detailed in Yesterday's Slog) but just can't get it up for this patriot porn.

With the excellent documentaries available about the subject, I'm not sure why anyone would see a fictionalized account.

The HBO documentary In Memoriam: New York City, filled to the brim with actual news footage, is by far a better way to relive that day.

Christians get a hard on for porn, but don't want gay marriage. Islam wants to blow up our planes. Jews say god is against bacon bits, and god gave them Israel.

All religion is a fantasy story for idiots.

An $18m opening weekend for a $70m film means that it's going to break even - maybe even make a sliver of a profit - after worldwide release and DVD sales. Oh well.

Oh, it also turns out that one of the marine rescuers is an African-American. Needless to say, he was portrayed as a white man in the movie. Lovely.

Yeah, I don't think that people are really interested in Passion of the Towers.

People would have been lined up around the block to see this movie if only they had listened to Mel Gibson and had all the dialoge spoken in Aramaic.

As it stands, I will leave all storytelling about 911 to future generations. Perhaps someday a piece of glittery schmaltz like "Titanic" can be made about the WTC. Fortunately, I will be long dead by that time.

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