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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pot Cookie, Mr. Mayor?

Posted by on August 30 at 11:40 AM


That’s my bike messenger bagtotally rad, my boyfriend had it custom made just for me R.E.Load Bags.


That’s my box of pot cookiestotally killer, baked just for me by a friend with a gift for creating delicious THC-packed pastries.


That’s my guntotally fake, but real enough looking when it’s tucked in the front of your pants.


And that’s City Hall.

The mayor believes that club owners should be able to prevent folks from entering nightclubs carrying drugs and weapons. If a club can’t prevent people from entering carrying drugs and weapons, the mayor thinks the club should be shut down.

Reading the mayor’s proposed regulations for nightclubs I thought, gee, I wonder what would happen if a guy tried to enter City Hall with drugs and weapons? Would the mayor be able to “prevent” that?

I went downtown Monday to find out.


The full story is here.

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Are you flashing a gang sign in that photo?

I don't know about the gang sign, but he was stoned out of his mind.

So what happened?

Dan Savage is my hero...

Good god man. You have a kid. That toy gun is way too realistic looking. You are plain old lucky you didn't get shot.

A plastic orange gun would have made your point even better, and greatly reduced the chance of your brains being splattered all over those steps!

Good point, but since Dan isn't black, the chance of him being shot under those circumstances is a whole lot lower than it might otherwise be....

Yeah, the realistic weapon seems like a dangerous idea. We'd hate to see you go down in a blast of gunfire.

Other than that, as someone who counts on drinkers and partiers to make a living, I appreciate your action.

Thanks, Mark. That means a lot coming from you—in all seriousness.

Now I'm off to a secret, undisclosed location, where I will wait out the Mayor's fury with nothing but a box of pot cookies and the third season of Arrested Development to entertain me.

Can you re-take that photo...this time lifting your shirt a little higher?

I look forward to the full story.

Exactly, Mr. X.

As far as the guns in clubs thing, what are clubs supposed to do? Provide X-Ray machines? How do we know that terrorists won't get invade the clubs with unauthorized liquids!!!

Seriously, how stupid can we get? I worked at the Cuff for seven years and the only time I ever saw a firearm was the time a drunk queen made a big deal out of wanting to check his deputy boyfriend's coat, which had a gun in it. I was the coatcheck, and I wouldn't do it. I think they just left, or locked it in their trunk or something like that.

I want to try one of the cookies! Stay safe, Dan!

That is totally awesome. I love it.

With the shootings and the Jewish center and the Cap Hill shootings (which you did a great job covering b.t.w.) I think it is very irresponsible for you to glammorize bringing weapons in pubilic places.
No matter how right-on your message is bringing guns into the picture overshadows it.

It was a fake gun, Lisa, a prop. Chill.

You are so adorable Dan.

Damn the Man!

Love the drug angle. Not so sure you should be letting folks know how easy it is to sneak a guy into Jean Godden's office, though.

Way better than licking doorknobs.

OK. But it's rather stupid for a parent to do this Dan. You should have had someone else implent your "clever" idea.

You're no longer a young 20 something activist with no dependants. You have a dependant child who would be an orphan if you got shot and killed by a trigger happy officer who may have seen your "toy" gun. In law enforcement all guns are treated as real. Remember the deranged father who got shot in the Court House awhile back? (And he was white).

Grow up Dan. Your antics are backfiring.

Guns are funny! Not.

Lisa, the point is not to glamorize carrying guns or using drugs in public places. The point is that its not reasonable to hold the private owners of establishments that are open to the public liable for failing to prevent patrons from doing such things when the people who secure important government buildings can't even do that.

Great. Maybe you'll succeed in getting metal detectors and pat-down searchs implemented at the doors of our admirably open City Hall.

Brilliant, Dan! Everyone should have such a cool dad (or two).

And Lisa, I'd worry more about kids whose parents have real guns.

@18 correction: Not an orphan as you have a partner. But think of him too!

how much is the cover to get into City Hall? and are there bands or just DJs? seesh! I bet the drinks are expensive!

Patriot: You miss the point. An open city hall is important for the city and so is a lively club scene. Savage is illustrating how crazy the Mayor is being. He didn't hit this hard enough in his story but Third Ave is crazy. Why are they waisting time fucking over law abiding local businesses when they have that scene right down the street.
He's not asking for city hall to be more strict he's asking for fairness.

Oops, I meant "sneak a GUN into Jean Godden's office." But, whatever....

A clever and humourous stunt - but I would have expected something less intellectually dishonest from a smart guy like you.

While the Mayor's proposal may be unrealistic, at least he's addressing the public safety issues that have plagued Seattle clubs in the past year.

You can mock the Mayor's plan all you want - but until the clubs step forward and actually DO SOMETHING (besides bitch and moan about the Mayor's plan) to address the issue, we're all going to run the risk of having draconian shit shoved down our throats.

Oh, and for the record: I got stoned out of my mind in the early afternoon, went to City Hall, got even more stoned, went back to work, hung out there until my boyfriend, kid, and brother, who was visiting from Chicago, went to the Ms game last night. By the time they got home—almost 11—I was stone, cold sober.

I don't get high often, and I don't get high around the kid. Wouldn't be right, wouldn't be prudent.

Fucking amazing, fucking fucking amazing.

@Amused: what public safety issues are you talking about? All the crazed crack smokers and shooters in clubs? Ummmmm...

hey dan, if you were wearing that shirt over your "gun" then you must have a concealed-carry permit, right?

Laural: I'm refering to the public safety issues that prompted this whole crazy crackdown in the first place. Anyone who doesn't see the direct link between the Mayor's task force and Larry's hasn't been paying attention. Of course, Mr. Lucky's and various Belltown and Pioneer Square shootings since then have only solidified the resolve within the Mayor's office.

Hey Dismayed,

Don't be.

Where is it written that everyone has to retreat from the world and lead a dull, meaningless, suburban, risk-free life once they become parents? If that's your philosophy, trust me, your kids are going to hate you once they hit puberty.

Pretty ballsy, Dan. Thank you for taking on this local issue.

P.S. Nickels is an ass. Perhaps The Stranger can start grooming a decent alternative candidate for Seattle mayor for the next election?

Loved this whole thing, but I'm a little freaked out about how real-looking that gun was. I mean, cops seem to have a shoot first, ask questions later approach and have no apologies. Maybe just putting the gun in the bag would be sufficient.

(I have a friend whose mom was shot and killed by the police several years ago so I'm sensitive to the issue.)

Do you need a concealed-carry permit to carry a toy gun? If that's the case, I need to run out and get one for my three boys. They all have toy guns, and they conceal them all the time—under their shirts, in their lunchboxes, under their blankets.

Amused - club owners do a lot to prevent violence already. One thing they are no longer allowed to do is hire armed off duty police to work outside their clubs to keep people in check on the public sidewalks and streets. This is a City policy, meaning the Mayor has now effectively taken officers off the streets, refused to increase on duty Police at night in busy areas, and has taken away a real tool club owners had that was effective. Now the Mayor wants the same club owners to act as Police themselves, which of course is just silly and naive as Dan clearly, and hilariously, demonstrated.

@28 Dan:
"I don't get high often, and I don't get high around the kid. Wouldn't be right, wouldn't be prudent."

Of course, the kid can read this slog - as if he doesn't know already.

So, is Savage getting arrested?

Violence in clubs is a imaginary issue.

If the mayor really wants to do something about Seattle's club problem, he should impose a limit on the price of drinks.

If they tried to arrest Savage now, days after he claimed to have pot cookies, they would look like the biggest idiots. "It was fine you had pot at city hall, until you wrote a story about it."
To good to be true.

Maybe that's Dan's intention, but if the rest of the media makes this a story, the headline will be "Drugs, toy gun smuggled into City Hall". LTEs will run in the papers: "With all the threats to Amer'ca, how dare the Mayor leave our city hall unprotected!"

Do you think the administration's response would be to reverse their campaign to regulate nightclubs?

You are one brave reporter, and we are proud of you. Seriously. Keep up the great work, and we slog readers should forward this story far and wide to embarrass our clueless mayor and get him to re-consider these crap regulations.

To my fellow bar and club owners: I say Dan Savage drinks for free, for ever, in every club in town. And his kid too, when he's 21. What do you say?

man they're going to have a fat foot in their mouth over not one of the mayor's dipshit staffers or their very own legal counsel not calling the cops on you.

hypocricy illustrates itself.


Hahaha! This is why I love The Stranger. Brilliant. (Although I, too, am a bit freaked out over the risk you took with the "toy" gun. Seriously, you could'a been shot, Dan.)

Prank aside, it is a completely valid point. It is reasonable for the city to require club owners to either eject a patron if they are found to have or be using drugs, or to call the police. It is NOT reasonable to require club owners to substitute for the police, or to act as police themselves.

If the city sets a standard of operations that is unattainable (such as affirmatively preventing drugs or weapons), then that is an open invitation to either close any club at any time on a whim, or an invitation to selective enforcement by police, who will have to make judgement calls on where and when to enforce and not enforce the new regulations. And it isn't the posh, quite, downtown clubs that will get shut down. It is the clubs that the city has a bug up their ass about. The clubs that are owned by people who won't buckle under to city hall. The Blue Moon will almost certainly be among the first to go, for example.

Even worse, whenever you have a situation where police have that much power with selective enforcement, it is an open invitation to corruption and extortion by dishonest law enforcement.

I have no problem with the city enacting reasonable attainable regulations on club owners, provided that those regulations equally apply to all of them, and are uniformly and fairly enforced. But so far, the proposed regulations are ridiculous, unenforceable, and an open invitation to corruption and chaos. That is not the direction we should be going.

For every 10 stupid things The Stranger does that pisses me off, you guys pull off the one really brilliant thing that makes me think you're the best thing about Seattle.
You're like a jerk boy friend who fucks really well.

The Nickels club plan isn't about shutting every club down-- the the impossibility of implementing it is a little beside the point, even if it makes for this good anti-Nickels publicity stunt. It's about giving himself the power/ legal pretext to shut every club down if he wants to. So that club owners have basically no power to negotiate with him on issues in which their consent would have to be voluntary.

Between the SPD, freaky neighbors and the Barney Fife patrols from the WSLCB (who, half the time don't know what the damn rules are themselves) the clubs are already policed plenty.

Good point. If he was black, or appeared Muslim, he probably would have been arrested for Walking While Black, or like the Bushies did in New Orleans, Living While Black.

All I can say is: Paul in Seattle is creepy. Savage is cool.

For everyone concerned that Dan could have been shot for carrying a toy gun...

People get shot carrying a toy gun, when they assume the cop pointing a weapon at them knows it's a toy. Stupid adults, and naive children. Savage is neither.

While this is really an apples and oranges situation, as City Hall is not legally obligated to prevent drugs and guns entering the property, I agree that proposing such an obligation is ludicrous, and commend Dan on another one of his "Bring stupidity into the light" stunts.

I guess we're about to find out if that famous statement about has-been celebrities applies to our Dan:

"he couldn't even get arrested in this town."

hearting him all the same,


On the cover of ELO's lp "On the Third Day" is a black and white photo of the band and they have all opened their shirts to show their navels. I always wondered what that meant. Now, I know.

You're a LOT more attractive than I thought you'd be, Dan. *blink*

Also, go you. :-D

Next time, send Charles in with the marijuana cookies and toy gun...

Great article!


The doorknob-licking of the new millenium!

Can’t wait to see what the next lunatic brings to city hall trying to top the Monorail King. Bet they’ll be packing more than pastries and bb gun in their lame man purse.

You’re an idiot - great job

Oh Dan, you gave us quite a scare. But I'm so relieved everything came out all right. I was so anxious that when the Reverend and Ernest came over for tea, I was looking unusually pale and they insisted I go in to the emergency room. I'm so sorry my dear, I worry everybody so much when I get so terribly worried. I was given a sedative and told to go home and rest.

So that's what I'm doing. I have my needlepoint (I can't wait for you to see it), Camomile tea, and some of those tasty cookies you had sent over. You've always treated me so well. I'm feeling lightheaded now, so I think I'll go lie down out on the veranda. Don't worry dear! I'll be fine!

Man purse? Good stuff. But it was a tiny bit funnier on Seinfeld 15 years ago? Jonathon, M*A*S*H* is going to be on in 15 minutes you better go.

Dan, how the hell did you pull a stunt like that while high? I would have been a gibbering wreck curled up in a corner -- and that's only if I actually made it through the door...

"I swear, this guy walked right into City Hall stoned off his nut, with a gun in his pants and all! Dude's got balls the size of Texas..."

Mad props!

This is considered journalism? You made a bad situation worse with a personal comment on being an adoptive parent. What the hell does that have to do with your so-called story? You know the truth behind your "tour" of the Mayor's office. Maybe the pot cookies have eroded your brain.


So, last time I was at the (old) city hall for jury duty, they had airport-style metal detectors in place. Not so chez the new swanky digs?

@ 53 reading...

People get shot carrying a toy gun, when they assume the cop pointing a weapon at them knows it's a toy. Stupid adults, and naive children. Savage is neither.
Hmm. Just over a month to the day after the shooting at the Jewish Federation in a city that has seen a law enforcement officer shoot a man trying to enter the new courthouse with a weapon, dan walks into city hall with what could easily be mistaken to be a .45 in his waistband and thats not stupid?

in my earlier link, I noticed the following:
On April 13, 1999, in Hartford, Connecticut, Aquan Salmon, a 14-year old boy was fatally shot to death by a Hartford police officer, in which the police claim the boy was reaching for a weapon. No gun was found, but the police said they found two gun-shaped cigarette lighters.
So perhaps, being really stoned, Dan were to make a gesture kind of like in that last picture in dan's post and didn't think he was being threatening, but all a cop saw was a guy with a big red bag (full of extra ammo? more guns?) and what looks like a .45... you're seriously telling me that is a safe position for a father to put himself in? You don't think thats stupid? What if it wasn't even Dan that got shot, but someone who happened to be near Dan? It wasn't just him that he put at risk, but anyone who happened to be around him.

The whole stunt aside, that was really reckless. You want to bring in a "weapon" bring in a squirt gun or something to prove your point. It doesn't matter what people say, the gun part of the stunt was really, really stupid.

Perhaps the old saying about has-been celebrites should be amended to:

"he couldn't get arrested or even shot in that town."

Thank you, thank you, thank you Dan for not making me take drugs and a gun into City Hall... I would have assumed that I'd be first in line for something like this.

Hey is that the Sam Chanderson dude from the forums? Wow. How's it going Sam? Still freaking out about Dan Savage? Cool. Me? I'm chillin'. Having a beer, reading Slog. I got to go. It was great running in to you.

Dan that was so fuckin' cool. The Stranger is the only real Newspaper we have in this town. Being willing to risk your life and your family to keep Seattle's nightlife vibrant takes major balls. Seriously dude, you should be mayor of this town.

I fuckin' hate all the lame protests that are happening lately, but being able to get drunk and stoned is something I would protest about. Thanks for energizing our community. Maybe if others will follow your lead and march into city hall carrying pot and firearms the mayor will back off on his lame nightlife regulations.

Sam talk about Dan. That's what Sam does. He does it in hopes of proving that Dan isn't someone worth talking about. Dan doesn't matter. Take Sam's word—or his words, his millions of words—for it. Dan doesn't matter.

Sam knows what he's talking about. Which is Dan. And Dan doesn't matter. Because Sam said so.

Are you really so insecure about your paper that you feel this makes you relevant? What happend to breaking news stories? Maybe its just your fear of being too old...40 isnt death unless your insecurity makes you do this.

What are you, 15 years old? Trying to be cool or edgy or something? What a moronic, pointless stunt. This is like some kind of bizarre mid-life crisis being played out on a blog.


Stranger Offices Friday Sept 1, 2006

Phone rings.

Josh Feit: “The Stranger.”

Mayor Nichels Assistant: “Good morning. This is the mayor’s office. The mayor would like to speak with Mr. Savage.”

JF: “Really. Is this real?”

MNA: “Yes, is he in?”

JF: (presses the mute button) “Dan, I really think this is the Mayor’s office. Nichels is on the line!”

Dan Savage: “No shit. Really?”

JF: (releases mute) “Here he is, one moment.”

Greg Nichels: “Dan?”

DS: “Mr. Mayor. What an honor it is to talk with you.”

GN: “Call me Greg. Why you son of a gun…”

DS (sweating bullets) “Yes sir..”

GN: “You really pulled it off my boy.”

DS: “Yes, I guess I did.”

GN: “How do you suppose I feel about it?”

DS: “I guess I could say you’re surprised?”

GN: “Damn right I WAS SURPRISED. WHY YOU LITTLE CO….” (calms down)

DS: “Mr. Mayor , I was only”

GN: (interrupts) “Shut up Dan. I’m actually calling to thank you.”

DS: “Thank me?”

GN: “Yes. You exposed a vulnerability in City Hall. I have to implement increased security before Chertoff finds out. I also realize that my nightclub policy needs relaxed wording. I’m cutting the ‘nightclubs shall prevent patrons’ to ‘nightclubs shall advise patrons.’ Effective immediately.”

DS: “I’m”

GN: (interrupts) “I’m also going to have to search everyone entering City Hall with greater scrutiny. We’re building cubicles for random strip searches as we speak. No one will be exempt, including ALL city council members.” (laughs)

“And I want you to know that printed issues of The Stranger will be available in the lobby on a permanent basis.”

DS: “Mr. Mayor, I mean Greg, I’m really touched sir.”

GN: “Dan. I need a favor, actually a couple of favors.” (laughs)

DS: “At your service Greg.”

GN: “I need you to fly with me to New York Monday night to do the Today show Tuesday. We got to cut this off at the pass. Are you with me?”

DS: “Yes!”

GN: “Say you look pretty svelte in that Slog photo.”

DS: “Thank you.”

GN: “I wish I could be as thin. I’ll have to get some pointers from you in our hotel room Monday night, on maybe some exercises – if you get my drift…” (smirky laugh)

DS: “Greg, I’m not sure what”

GN: (interrupts) “DAN! You said you’re with me. I can make things mighty tough for you. Your boyfriend will never find out. Neither will my wife. Do I make myself clear?”

DS: “Yes.”


Very good my man. The message was heard loud and clear in City Hall. Word around the city building is that Tim's head nearly popped off. They get the point. But don't expect Ceiss to back down, he needs this win so he can ride the wave when he leaves to sell real estate for Vulcan, so don't expect Tim to back down. Of course, maybe the Mayor will finally figure out how stupid Ceiss makes him look. Tim was the right guy to have around for the first two years to wrestle back control of the City from the Council, but his win at any cost attitude doesn't work well for actually running the City. the mayor may have to do some work soon

Right on Dan! You stick it to the man! Those fat cats that run this city need to understand that we're not going to sit by while they trample our rights! Doesn't Nickels understand that if people weren't being shot and beaten outside our clubs that those clubs might go out of business. I know it's the treat of eminent danger that attracts me. You sure showed them!

You also showed all of those ignorant neighborhood losers who don't have a clue about the oppression that we face. So what if they're too old to go out - or have jobs that require them to get up early. They have no right to criticize our lifestyle! It's not our fault that they have to work hard to pay the property taxes that pay for the police. The police are there to protect and serve EVERYONE - not just the people that pay for them! I'm sure you sent the wake-up to all the voters of the city as to how we're getting screwed!

Why would the Mayor expect night clubs to keep guns and drugs out, when it's impossible for them to do so? Well, that's pretty easy. Clearly, it's to close down "undesirable" clubs.

And who defines "undesirable"? Why, the Mayor, of course! Because it's incredibly convenient for the government when everyone is a criminal.

You can fill in the blanks from there. :)

Congratulations Dan, you've firmly established yourself as the Geraldo of Seattle. Good show.

The Mayor's nightclub policy is incredibly stupid (even the neighbors are unhappy) and needed to have the light shone on it. I love nightlife, but if the Mayor's policy passes, we won't have any. No club or bar in their right mind would operate under these conditions. It would be too risky.

I don't know about you, but I'm not keen on having our city shut down at 6PM and have no where to go but the Cheesecake Factory.

There are like 80 posts here. The Mayor needs to hear a few words from at least that many people if not way more.

Well, *now* there's 80 posts here.

maybe an initiative holding the mayor personally liable(strictly liable) for any violent crime that takes place in the city because its his responsibility to protect us, right?

I agree with GOLOB (post# 5), a bright orange squirt gun may have been a safer and funnier choice. You claim the gun you used is fake...are you sure it is not an air gun? It looks suspiciously similar to an air gun some buddies of mine had. Big difference between a fake gun and an air gun when processed by the po-lice (had you been nabbed and arrested).

Anyway, great adventure Dan! Glad you made it back in one piece (minus a few brain cells).

I've been following Dan's work for a few years now, and he has always seemed a voice of reason, in favor or caution and always advocating forthought and responsibility. That being said, I will assume he has not suddenly lost his mind and was therefore perfectly well aware of the risk he was taking. That he still did it should demonstrate how seriously he takes this particular issue. Way to go Dan: that really took some guts!

I've been following Dan's work for a few years now, and he has always seemed a voice of reason, in favor or caution and always advocating forthought and responsibility. That being said, I will assume he has not suddenly lost his mind and was therefore perfectly well aware of the risk he was taking. That he still did it should demonstrate how seriously he takes this particular issue. Way to go Dan: that really took some guts!

I don't live in Seattle, don't know the issue and still only vaguely care, but loved the stunt. Don't know if this makes the Stranger the best newspaper in America, or the worst--

This is one of the best articles I've ever read. People in my office are staring at me while I'm trying not to laugh. I love it!!!

to repeat the above.

everyone who thinks this new ordinance is as stupid as Dan has shown it to be MUST write the Mayor. This law hurts music and does nothing to address the real problems of crime in our neighborhoods.

I [heart] you, Dan.

There are people in this comments thread who don't like Dan. Fine, whatever. But their hatred of Mr. Savage is blinding them to the brilliance of this piece. Dan slipped a knife into the ribs of Greg's proposal. We can expect this provision to get yanked shortly, and Dan won't get the credit—not from City Hall. But he'll deserve it.

He showed it up for the ridiculous bullshit it was, and the threat to come back to the mayor's office with drugs? Brilliant.

Again, Dan, free drinks for you. And your kid. For ever.

Club Owner -
This was nothing more than a publicity stunt. The Mayor's henchmen had already agreed to change the language - and Dan knew it. He had two reporters at the meeting, but it didn't fit their agenda to tell their readers how it really went down.

This is nothing more than a reporter wanting to BE the story instead of reporting the story. Dan may get kudos from his readers, but with those in the know, he (and The Stranger) have lost just about all of their credibility.


You are wrong. The Mayor has still not agreed to change the language, and Tim Ceiss is pressing hard to not change it. But beyond that there is the issue of the whole ordinance, which no matter the exact language, is flawed at it's core because it basically makes club owners do the work of the Police. And Dan demonstrated how silly this is.

To say this was a publicity stunt is an incredible understatement. It was indeed, and a very funny one that effectively pointed out the ridiculousness of the nightclub ordinance to many people who might not have otherwise paid attention.

We need a serious overall policy in Seattle to deal with and support a vibrant safe nightlife. This ordinance is a joke and lacks political vision and leadership. Even many Mayoral staffers agree there is no need for the ordinance and that it won't accomplish what the PR on it claims it will. But it will harm the music community and will result in legal businesses being shut down by government because someone doesn't like the people or music at a club. We've seen it happen without this ordinance, and this ordinance will just make it easier. It seems the ordinance is being pushed by someone other than the mayor, who has generally been very pro-music since elected (Vera, AADO, Music Office, supporting Bumbershoott, etc). It is shocking to see such a blatant anti-music community ordinance coming out of his office. Hopefully Dan's stunt will bring the whole issue to his attention and Nickels will stop this silliness.

A Different Tim,

The Stranger did have two reporters at the Task Force meeting. I was one of them. Erica C. Barnett, who's been covering the hell out of this, was the other. There was no indication at that meeting that Nickels intended to change the security language regarding drugs.

I did a long Slog post about that meeting and reported that Jordan Royer, the point person for the mayor, was evasive and unprepared. He inspired little confidence among the club owners that the mayor would even consider the club owners' comments—or that the club owners would even get a chance to meet again to discuss the legislation.

In fact, I rant into Tim Ceis after the meeting, and he confirmed that the mayor's office had no intention of convening the task force again.

When those "in the know" post misleading comments, they lose their credibility.

what made this the issue dan cared enough about to risk arrest? i agree with his position, but why go to such lengths on this one?

Josh -

Your recollection of the meeting differs from the accounts I've heard from others who were there (perhaps you had been sampling a trial run of Dan's Scoobie snacks?)

What do your notes show as the resolution when the specific security standards article was raised? I'm told that when the task force redline was reviewed in which the language was changed from "shall prevent" to "shall not knowingly permit", Royer mumbled something along the lines of, "obviously that was the intent, blah, blah" - and the group moved on. Do your notes show that there was any debate about this? I'm told that Royer essentially conceded that point and that the whole issue was over in 30 seconds. Can anyone who was there tell us the truth? I've never been to journalism school, but it seems to me that this is the type of question that a real newspaper would be asking of Nickels, Ceis, Royer, Bischel, etc.

I don't disagree that how the Mayor has handled this whole thing is compete bullshit - but I don't sense that The Stranger has been entirely straightforward either.

I think that most rational people believe that the club owners should get the chance to debate the merits of a revised ordinance - but when The Stranger attempts to manufacture a news event out of something that had already been settled I have no choice but to question everything that I read in your "news"paper.


I wasn't there, but according to everyone I spoke to including the co-chair of the task force and the director and the president of the seattle nightclub association, your account is off. While Royer did say something to the effect of 'that was the intent', he said nothing about changing the language. In fact, I have met with people from the Mayor's office since that meeting and discussed this point, and they disagree that the language should be changed. From what I understand there is disagreement about this issue among the Mayor's staff, and Ceiss is among the people who strongly favor keeping the 'prevent' language. The 'knowingly permit' language is something we took from the AADO which I helped draft. They City doesn't like it and there is no indication that the language will be changed to that. So Tim, your account is way off, and you should get the facts before you slam Dan.

Meinert -

So Royer said, "Your language matches our intent, but we're not going to change it."

The task force responded, "Oh, okay, no need to debate that, let's move on."

Yeah, that sounds plausible to me... You've convinced me that what I've heard from other who were there is WAY off.

no Tim, the task force members did argue the point. What you heard is not WAY off, just a misunderstanding I am sure. Bottom line is the language has definitely not been changed as you claim it has, and I know this first hand from being told by the person drafting it at a meeting last week.

One of the big issues with this ordinance is that the City keeps saying 'this is our intent', but then the language is harsher, and they refuse to change it. The problem with how the ordinance is written is that the Police can send somone into to a club, verify two violations of the ordinance within 30 days which would be as simple as the Police giving someone crack and then arresting them inside the club, and the club would have it's permit pulled.

If you think it is unlikely the Police would do something that sounds so insane and oviously unconstitutional, then you need a quick recent history lesson - here's one free of charge

This is a bad law created by a bad and bungled process. We need to stop it, and Dan's little stunt certainly takes the opposition to it to the next level.

Drinks free for life for Dan for sure.

Hey there. While we're on the subject, any pointers on where in Seattle to locate a "quality source" like Dan did? New to town and not finding much luck. Thanks in advance --

Dude -- SHARE THE COOKIE RECIPE ... please?

First, I wanted to mention that when one takes risks, knowingly, to gain an advantage, that person is generally considered a mover and shaker.

When one takes risks, especially when one risks his own body and future, and does so for the betterment of the culture, they are usually considered a hero. Think of MLK's kids.

Your kid, Dan, is going to look up at this heroic act, as well he should. Sure, you took a risk, but you came through.

It's much better than if your kid remembered you as that old man who muttered about what he should have done, instead of retelling what he did do.

Since I am two states away, and I am already beginning my retelling of your story, I feel certain that your child will know that his father received well deserved fame for his heroism.

When one wishes to engage in risky behavior, like going into a room full of people who are drinking, and incur no risk by doing so, the common word is 'idiot'.

So for those idiots who think that somehow, some way, they can make nightlife safe, dream on.

Christopher Marlowe died in a bar in 1593, and I haven't heard that they got any safer since then.

For all the nance's out there who are giving you grief over your 'irresponsibility', I suggest that they follow the 'free state project' model, and try to get some land where they can cover all hard or sharp edges with Nerf foam, fill all liquor bottles with iced tea, replace all tobacco and pot with impotent herbal matter, and engage only in cyber-sex.

You nerf-worlders are a pretty disturbed bunch.

However, the proximity of your mental illness doesn't make it any more contagious.

It does, however, make you annoying.

Why don't you find some little kids to scare? Adults seem immune to your psychoses.

Again, for Dan (my hero today), thanks.

I should use the tag line of another great Savage (Doc) for you:

"You're a brick!"

Regarding your 'toy' gun. In looks exactly like an air powered Crossman pellet pistol that I have. Mine is .22 caliber and shots pellets. They may also come in .177 caliber and shoot either pellets or BB's. The wooden cylinder under the barrel is the handle for the pump that provides the air pressure to fire the pellet.

Point is, this is NOT a toy but a real weapon. It is a single shot pistol, however the distinction would be moot if an officer decided you had a weapon.

I'm not arguing that what you did wasn't for the geater good. However, consider yourself fortunate to have come through the experience physically unscathed.

I love the "high"jinks Dan. I wish you had videotaped your adventure. An inspiring bit of activism!!!!

I encourage you to attempt (often) to bring weapons into any federal building you can find, Wretch. I hear nerf makes fake grenades, too. Those are a favorite at the federal court house in this town.

I'm a middle aged, white, conservative woman (but to my credit I can’t wait until Bush is out). I think what you did was brilliant and brave. I am so awed by your courageous plan and your perfect execution of that plan; I will now spend hours hunting up things you have written to determine, for myself, if this was a fluke or just one of many gems that more people, like me, should be paying attention to. Great job,
The new unpaid interns’ mother in Arizona

Brilliant newspaper work, Dan. You made your point and then some.

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