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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Patty Murray Backs Ned Lamont

Posted by on August 15 at 14:56 PM

I just got a message from Alex Glass, Patty Murray’s spokesperson: “Senator Murray will be supporting the Democratic nominee, Ned Lamont.”

I asked Glass why Murray waited a week to declare here support for Lamont.

“She was in China the last week,” said Glass, “and I didn’t have any contact with her. I wasn’t able to talk to her about it.”

Apparently they don’t have newspapers, phones, or the internets in China, and helpless staffers have no way to get in touch with a sitting U.S. Senator who visits that benighted country.

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Dan, what happened to the posting with directions to the Mercer Island protest? I wanted to go. Did you chicken out or something?

sheesh, travelling in China, I mean, can't she just stop in at an Internet cafe and check the SLOG?

How DARE she not *immediately* interpose herself into Connecticut state politics at Dan's beck and call--I mean, just WHO does she think she IS?

Excuse me—the Lamont/Lierberman battle was huge national news, and every sitting Dem U.S. Senator was being asked to take a position—ex-presidents were being asked to take a position. Whether or not the Democratic establishment respects the will of the Democratic voters—in Connecticut, in every other state—is a compelling issue.

And to the credit of the Murray team, they called me back in less than an hour to get a clarification, and called back in under two with the statement.

I asked why it took a week because other Senators—Clinton, Kerry, Kennedy, Boxer, etc.—had already lined up behind Lamont. Most lined up behind Lamont the morning after he won the primary. It seemed strange that Murray took a week.

Stranger still, in my opinion, was her spokesperson's answer. It's kind of... bullshit, no? She was in China and we couldn't reach her? Come on. Doesn't that kind of insult our collective intelligence?

Here's a better answer: "Patty Murray has worked closely with Joe Lieberman for a long, long time, and she wanted to give this some serious thought before taking a position."

I suspect that's a little closer to the truth.

Okay, maybe they should have rephrased it--she was in China and had better things to do.

Dan, you just said it was "huge national news".

News Flash - China ain't a state.

But you're probably right.

Don't worry, Bush and Rove support Joe!

Of course they don't have the internets in China -- the tubes won't reach that far.

how about all of those senators you just named publicly stated support for lieberman during the primary, and most of them actually went to the state to campaign for him? that, and they're all northeastern dems or high up in leadership. yeah, it's nice to have confirmation that our state's senators are supporting the democratic nominee, but your panties are in a bunch over nothing on this one.

Wouldn't surfing certain sites in China be banned, or at least get you killed?

I dunno... again, Patty Murray's probably backing Lamont by proxy, since he's the D candidate. What does it really matter, anyway? What happens in WA has no bearing on that race in CT. It wasn't a question worth bringing up, let alone answering, really.

Dan - I am totally with you on this one. This does matter to voters of Washington, because:
1. the Rep/Dem balance in the house is very, very close and having Lieberman win as an independent would be halfway to losing a seat (since in the last year he has sided heavily with the administration on administrative power issues, national security, the energy bill and other important legislation)
2. From the lamont homepage: "I am proud that Connecticut was one of the first states to legalize civil unions and remain hopeful that we will be one of the first to enact full marriage equality. Unlike Senator Lieberman, I would have opposed the Federal ‘Defense of Marriage Act’." Lamont is not Lieberman, and the differences matter to everyone in this country.
3. Republicans and foxnews would like the public to believe that the Lamont primary win means the Dems are falling apart. Unity behind the chosen candidate will do much to dispel that talking point.

"how about all of those senators you just named publicly stated support for lieberman during the primary, and most of them actually went to the state to campaign for him?" That is not true. The senators named, along with others like Schumer and Harry Reid, waited until after the primary, and several of them supported JOE before the primary.

McGavick has been more public about his endorsement of Lieberman than Murray has been about her support for Lamont. How odd.

Blah. I do believe they have more cellphones then landlines in most of SE Asia these days.

According to Bob Geiger there are still 14 Democratic Senators unaccounted for on this issue (5, including Lieberman actually support his "Connecticut for Lieberman" party over the Democratic nominee). And you wonder why the Democrats seem intent on becoming a permanent opposition party....

Hey Dan - did you see Murray's report on her trip to China? She was pretty busy. She probably DID have some communications access over there but obviously she didn't think her first priority was to phone home and announce her support for Ned Lamont. The delay is understandable and I think your bitching about it is unnecessary.

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