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Monday, August 7, 2006

Married Couples Beware!

Posted by on August 7 at 15:50 PM


Two fags got hitched in a casual, family-oriented, quietly religious ceremony in the Alki Room at Seattle Center on Saturday night.

Indeed, My great pal Jason had a commitment ceremony with his longtime beau Mike this weekend. (Maximum Mazel Tov you guys—great food & great dance party afterwards. Although, I was still recovering from the Thursday night party-bus thing).

The ceremony had been scheduled months in advance. The fact that it landed in the sickly shadow of the July 26 state Supreme Court ruling, added a poignant pitch to the evening.

Seeing all the little kids and gleeful parents and weeping sisters and single (straight) gals in foxy dresses dancing it to Britney Spears and Guns and Roses—made the supreme court’s whole threat to the family/human race thing seem more comedy than bigotry.

And so it was, with a classy touch of comedy that the ceremony dealt with Madsen, Alexander, Sanders, Johnson, and Johnson. The officiant pronounced the couple “hitched” rather than married. And during his vows, Jason said: “We don’t need a state supreme court decision to validate our marriage… Although, that would be nice.”

But the bigotry of the Madsen, Alexander et al supreme court decision is real. And so, laugh as we all did at the “hitched” line & at Jason’s impeccable quip, the comedy—as it always is—was mixed with equal parts tragedy. Why aren’t Jason & Mike legal?


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geesh, I sure hope noone challenges anyone being on the slate of endorsed candidates for the 43rd or any other LD endorsements of candidates ... especially Tuesday at the HUB ...

Orthodox Jews says the Bible tells them Jewish women can't marry gentiles, Christians won't let gays marry. All religions are for idiots. The Torah and The Bible are only good for wiping your ass with.

I thought the sacredness of my marriage felt a little threatened on Saturday.


No one did that at the 46th last week. It was as smooth as buttah.

In Israel Gay Jewish Men are free to get married today. Even Orthodox gay Jewish Men can marry in Israel. That's why we must kill all the islamo-fascists in Lebanon. They are taking away the freedoms of everyone.

Whose challenging what with the who now?

America could learn a lot from Israel about religious tolerance. That's the point I believe. Israel already has gay marriage for all Jewish men. I believe gay married Jewish men can serve in the military in Israel. Other countries have a lot to teach America about tolerance.

Quietly religious? WHATEVER!

Thanks for coming and your kind post - despite your denying me a tie around your head.

"Hi, I'm Josh - I am too cool to put a tie around my head and dance to Britney Spears". Whatev. That gets a massive duck bill, if ever anything did.

hmmm. ok, then there's no truth to the rumor that I'm doing it myself.

tick. tick. tick.

they might want to show up, ain't gonna be simple this year.

Israel has a lot to teach others about religious tolerance..???? you are in deep denial

What in the world with the Israel obsession?
This was happy note about some guy's gay wedding.

HAHA FAGS! Boo-hoo you don't get any rights! Boo fucking hoo. Why don't you cry to the courts now - oh wait - they hate you too!

It was a great wedding. Good food, great dancing despite the Spears factor and both the boys and girls were cute! However, I will remember in November if any judges are listening.

Mmmmmwah! to Jason and Michael. Suerte, salud y amor a ambos para siempre.

Maximum Mazel Tov to you on your quietly religious wedding. Washington State supreme court is run by biggots. In Israel you could get married, that is the point. Israel has married gay Jewish men in the military. Orthodox Jews are much more tolerant of Gay men that Christians ever will be.

Israel is a way better place to be gay than the United States, better than even San Francisco. Gay Jewish men can easily get married in Israel and will never face any discrimination. Israel is years ahead of the United States in gay rights.

Israel sounds delightful - especially these days - but we'll stay here and quietly work on removing "procreation-only" judges from the State Supreme Court.

Jason and Mike's ceremony was one of the most touching and moving ceremonies I have ever been to. That is including straight marriages. Good for y'all and I hope you have a long happy life together!!!

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