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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Art News Part I

Posted by on August 1 at 9:43 AM

What does Seattle have in common with Loveland, Colorado, a bitty city with a population of 50,000 in the eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains?

Like Lovelanders, it turns out we might not be able to look at nude sculptures without poisoning our children, either.

The third annual West Edge Sculpture Invitational has several sculptures up now on Harbor Steps, on the outdoor staircase on the south side of Benaroya Hall, and inside Benaroya. (I saw the show last week, and few of the sculptures, if any, are worth writing about, although there was one lovely weathered-wood pedestal.) The artist Tomas Oliva was selected to be included in the show by several jurors, but then word came back from Benaroya Hall through the West End Marketing Committee that his sculpture would not be allowed in the display because—of course—it would not be appropriate for children. The final word is supposed to be delivered today on the issue, according to the organizers of the show.

Here’s the sculpture:


Oh, blah blah. So it looks like her first nip-out since the breast augmentation. So what? The nudity is what you take umbrage at in this sculpture? The whole thing just makes me tired. (And it reminds me a little of the La Jolla biotch who filed a lawsuit to have seals removed from the beach so it could go back to being “a family beach,” not a place where seals do such lascivious things as birth their own young.)

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Jeez this is a fucked up country. Vaginas are what most of us enter the world through. Breasts are our first source of comfort and satisfaction. Even I, as a dyed-in-the-wool homo, with no interest in either boobs or vaginas, can appreciate that.

And yes - that bitch in La Jolla has way too much time and money on her hands.

The human body is an evil, shameful thing. Even table legs disturb me.

those feet creep me the fuck out

I really really wish that the queasy cowards who object to [insert "objectionable" whatever-it-is here] would quit hiding behind "the children" and own up to their personal discomfort with the situation, so we could have a nice adult discussion about it. But nooooooo . . . the minute "the children" are mentioned, all potential for a discussion goes out the window, because after all the little dears can't take part in this mature discussion.

And that's the purpose, isn't it?

Exactly. Kids in other parts of the world are hauling around AK-47's, and these people don't bat an eyelash. But god forbid a child might see an image of a breast!! Not like there haven't been statues of bare-chested women for centuries, or anything.

A Torah spread with warm shit hanging on a gallery wall would be an excellent way to introduce children to art before they take a look at piss christ. Then show them Lewis Carroll's photos of little girls. Religious groups always protest true art. The public must demand better.

so we could have a nice adult discussion about it. But nooooooo . . . the minute "the children" are mentioned, all potential for a discussion goes out the window,

I hate to admit it but a "Warm Shit Torah" would be hilarious and would get plenty of people pissed off. Why not display the "Warm Shit Torah" next to some cartoons to piss of muslims? That'd be a discussion I'd like to hear.

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