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Friday, July 7, 2006

Seeing-eye Dog

Posted by on July 7 at 18:47 PM

Remember the Museum of Glass’s dog show last summer, with work by William Wegman, David Gilhooly, and Karen Willenbrink-Johnson? Seems that the Museum of Fine Arts Houston has organized a bigger one with the same “Best in Show” name, and today’s NYT gives the 50 paintings from Tiepolo to Stubbs to Warhol and Hockney some puppy love.

Does this somehow redeem, by association, the show that stayed up at the Museum of Glass for 3 1/2 dog years?

No. Bad dog! Bad dog!

(Hat tip to Mike.)

In other dog-and-Tacoma art news, the Tacoma Art Museum has acquired Scott Fife’s 12-foot gray puppy for its permanent collection. Fife’s TAM show was in late 2004, and at the time, I wrote,

The artist made only one work explicitly for this exhibition, “Leroy the Big Pup.” Leroy’s improbably sinuous form, made with painstaking effort, is all warm puppy. But the cold, distracting surface resembles patchwork airplane construction. The animal whose super-sized charm is being celebrated is also being dissected. Fife will not let a viewer forget how objects and meanings are made and unmade.

Fife is terrific—a Seattle artist who has deserved what recognition he’s gotten in the past few years. Check out the images from his last show at Platform here, and this is Leroy himself at TAM.


Good dog.

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Did you know there'a a doggie art gallery in Tacoma called Urban Dogs? Will wonders never cease?

A roomfull of grannies sewing quilts is the only true art. The rest is just pretentious bullshit.

Scott Fife rocks, good to see him getting some due!

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