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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Casey To Savage: You’re Vulgar!

Posted by on July 27 at 7:32 AM

I sent Bob Casey—Sen. Rick Santorum’s Dem opponent in PA—a big check, and Casey sent it back because he didn’t want to get any bad press for taking money from the likes of me. Well, Casey earned himself a little bad press anyway. From Wednesday’s Philadelphia Inquirer:

Democrat Bob Casey Jr. needs all the contributors he can get to unseat U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum—except Dan Savage, apparently.

The Seattle-based syndicated sex columnist who minted a raunchy definition of “santorum” and assembled a Web site to share it with all the world tried channeling his distaste for Pennsylvania’s junior senator with a $2,100 contribution to Casey’s campaign.

But six weeks after receiving a thank-you call from a Casey staffer and an invite to his Seattle fundraiser, Savage learned this week that his money wasn’t necessarily welcomed.

Not directly, at least.

Casey’s finance director called Savage on Tuesday to say thanks, but no thanks. The “higher ups” in the campaign decided the contribution could cause Casey more trouble than it was worth, Savage said he was told. Savage said he was then directed to some organizations supportive of Casey that might accept the check.

“That way Casey could benefit from my money without having to, you know, associate himself with the likes of me,” Savage wrote on his blog. “Huh.”

Casey’s spokesman, Larry Smar, said the campaign returned the check “because of the controversial comments on his Santorum Web site and his column.” They took a closer look at his work, decided his comments were “vulgar” and nixed the donation, Smar said.

Casey returned the money despite Santorum’s fundraising advantage. The senator has raised $20.1 million as of last month — double Casey’s campaign take.

Campaigns routinely vet their donors, looking to weed out people with unsavory backgrounds or anything else that could cause the candidate embarrassment down the road. Add sex columnist to the list of apparently questionable characters.

Then again, Savage isn’t just any sex columnist. His anti-Santorum Web site is the No. 1 hit on a Google search of the senator’s name, spawning a pop-culture reference used by the likes of liberal activist and actress Janeane Garofalo.

“Casey should man-up and take my money,” Savage said today in an interview. “A little money from me isn’t going to hurt him and he shouldn’t be such a baby about it.”

He admits to being miffed and a bit hurt. He did, after all, endure the scorn of some readers who objected to him supporting an anti-abortion candidate like Casey.

“I’m a pragmatic Democrat,” Savage said.

His donation will go to Philadelphians Against Santorum, a grassroots organization.

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Sometimes posts in the Slog need a smiley. This was such a time. :-)

OH NO! Dan Savage and "liberal activist and actress Janeane Garofalo" support him? Those crazy moonbats?

But again - pragmatically - old people vote. Hipsters and young people don't. (Please prove me wrong, young people and hipsters) Most old people who find out about the real definition of Santorum would probably either pass out and then vote for Santorum because of the "insult". Casey has to distance himself and hope the "hipster community" will get over it.

What is this crap? This is all the explanation I need for why Charles Barkley is running for office in Alabama.

Dan you're vulgar? I'm shocked.

From the Inquirer: “Casey should man-up and take my money,” Savage said today in an interview. “A little money from me isn’t going to hurt him and he shouldn’t be such a baby about it.”

I guess Dan Savage does have a crush on Sen. Santorum. 'Cause he sure is trying his darnedest to distract people from the real issues and get Rick re-elected.

Vulgar like a fox.

Actually, I think he's helping Casey by both being rejected and making a stink about it. The Savage supporters in PA are already on Casey's side; they're not going to vote for Santorum no matter what. This contretemps gives Casey something to show the older conservative Democrats -- "look, I'm running against Rick-O, but I'm not one of them disgusting perverts like that guy out in Seattle". So: well-played, Dan.

Thanks, Fnarf.

I told the Philly Ink that I was only too happy to play the faggot Sistah Souljah to Casey's pro-life Bill Clinton.

That's hilarious! Know your audience, rule #1.

look at you! ruffling PA feathers all the way from WA.

I couldn't be prouder of my favorite vulgar sex columnist and master slogger.

Come on, Dan. The whole Sistah Souljah analogy suggests that getting your donation rejected was planned all along. Was it? Because if not, and if Casey's campaign hadn't recognized your name on the contributions list and Santorum's campaign had, then it would have been an embarrassment to the Casey campaign. Look at the whole stink that was made about strip clubs' contributions to Seattle City Council candidates -- and we're talking Pennsylvania here.

Maybe I'm missing something here...

Hey, Cressona...

When I sent the check I included a letter about where the dough was coming from. And I didn't say I planned to be Sistah Souljah, but I was happy to be.

Anybody, but Santorum. Hell, if Joey Merlino was not in the can, I would write him in. Santorum is a crazy right wing mo fo. If only young people in Philly would get out and vote. PA is pretty much like Washington. Blue cities and red everywhere else, people need to get out and vote.

looks like casey got the worst outcome possible on this: everyone knows that you support him and he doesn't have your money.

What I like about the story is the clever way the reporter went about sending people to the Santorum website.

"His anti-Santorum Web site is the No. 1 hit on a Google search of the senator’s name"

I don't think the Inquirer thinks much of Santorum either.

And Fnarf, while this may play out well, I don't either Dan or Casey were thinking along your lines when they wrote or returned the check. Happy ending, maybe, but certainly not orchestrated.

At least this has a chance of turning out better than some licked doorknobs...

Who cares if it's premeditated? The idea is to be politically astute enough to find the opening and run through it. Casey passes the test.

As for "everybody knows Dan supports Casey", well, gee, on the list of people in the world who have ever heard of Dan Savage, how many do you think believe that he would be supporting Santorum? The people of PA aren't voting for Savage; they're voting for Casey. What Casey gets out of this is a chance to take a moral stance, which is always a winning move for Democrats.

I'll bet returning Dan's money publicly results in a net financial gain for Casey's campaign.

I just realized: between santorum the frothy mix getting mentioned on The Daily Show and this whole episode, we should expect to see this on the list of new words added to Merriam-Webster.

Maybe if you schedule a Norm-Stamper Bed-A-Thon, Bob'll take your money AND will love you in the morning.


It's a badge of honor. But you knew that. Keep up the good work.

I'll tell you what I think is vulgar - someone like Senator Sanitorium (sic), who consistently votes for legislation that harms the working poor, children, the elderly, and who invariably votes in favor of discrimination. That is profoundly vulgar, far more so than a little bad language.

I snorted coffee when I read the definition. Dan Savage strikes again, this is hilarious. Why not make up new definitions for all politicians names?

Lieberman - noun - A clot of blood than forms on an infant's penis if the Rabbi doesn't suck the blood away quick enough. -- The Rabbi used his tongue to dislodge the Lieberman that had formed on the penis. (There are three stages required for the performance of a ritually correct circumcision in Jewish law: the removal of the foreskin; the tearing of the underlying membraene so as to expose the glans completely; and the sucking away of the blood, m'tsitsah)see-

Dan, there's an old Buddhist saying, "This too shall pass".

You must be very angry and I don't blame you but don't let it get you down because it isn't worth the grief.

Look at it this way.

In this world of sin and sorrow there is always something to be thankful for; as for me, I rejoice that I am not a Republican. ~H.L. Mencken

You know, I was disappointed to hear this but as a Pennsylvanian I completely understand. They call it Pennsyltucky for a reason; in between Philly and Pittsburgh it's Alabama. If Casey didn't return it, he might get smeared by Santorum. I'm glad it went to Philly Against Santorum though, they are a great group, went to their mockSantorum event a few weeks ago and it was a lot of fun.

I live in Philly. It physically pains me to have to vote for someone like Casey, but not nearly as much as another term of Santorum. I've hated him since he was first elected and I'm just hoping that Dan's column has raised awareness of the young liberal Pennsylvanians enough to get them out to the polls to vote the motherfucking bigot OUT!!!!

Dan in Philly-

Do you mean Casey would get smeared by Santorum, or smeared with santorum?

How 'bout both?

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