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Thursday, March 16, 2006

RIP Catwalk Club

Posted by on March 16 at 14:19 PM

When I was in high school all my coolest, dark-edged, drinking-aged friends partied at the Catwalk Club on weekends. When I turned 21, the place had Windexed its image a bit and lost some of its bloodstains, but the club was still a good place to dance in Pioneer Square (even the best place to dance in the city) away from meatheads and cheerleaders and thugs. The music was always dark and loud and patronsfetishists, cyber-punks, industrial goths, naughty girl-elves, gender-benders, duct-taped nightmare boys, friendly dancing fiendsdressed way up to get past the strict bouncer at the door.

The same owner opened a cute Mediterranean kitchen (172) on street level in 2001 and I washed my hands of khaki dust from my corporate job with spicy puttanesca lunches.

The last time I went to the Catwalk a guns-drawn standoff blocked my way to the entrance, and my beloved basement had morphed into unfamiliar with to-bright lights and cheap, ’70s pop-disco decorations dangling from the walls. Now it looks like the Heavens Nightclub is set to open in its place.

Ye olde Seagoths, delivering mail now, leading book clubs, cheering for your kids’ soccer moves: Pause and mourn what once was our heathen paradise… and make way for this new set of sinning imps.

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What, pray tell, is "khaki dust", and why did you get it on you at work?

wow, that wired ad that pops up on here sure does suck. Ironic you mourn the passage of a underground goth club while pimping out adds like the wired spot. when did the stranger become a cheap version of maxim? gross.

it looks like some bimbo is about to take a shit on pioneer square clubs.

I agree that the wired ad is gross. The Pioneer Square club life right now is aimed squarely at people I never want to meet.

These ads pay my salary though I have nothing to do with their selection or production (and I am free to criticize them). It's a weird spot to be in sometimes. Today someone called one of the arts editors and wondered why, if The Stranger is sponsoring their latest show (which it is), won't we (editorial) cover it with a write up?
From my perspective, the publisher has been excellent about keeping the thick curtain between advertising and editorial closed.
Khaki dust: a stomach-churning coating of dreary isolation that misplaced indie kids in the corporate world get after associating with khaki (pleat-front, cuffed Eddie Bauer khaki, inspired by Jeff Bezos and worn like uniforms by middle management at in the early 2000s) -clad drones all day.

the ad still sucks and makes the paper look bad. used to be i loved to look at the Stranger for its ad designs. you must have changed deisgners. but while the design is not so interesting to me as it was, this ad just takes bad to a whole new level. at least put it in the back with the wretchedly designed sex ads.

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