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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Twee: Since 1905

Posted by on February 22 at 9:18 AM

Last night, I had a (semi-) heated discussion with some friends about “twee”its roots, whether certain bands or publications were, whether the adjective could be used in a non-deprecatory way, etc. Because none of us were near an etymological dictionary, we didn’t know this:

“TWEE: `tiny, dainty, miniature,’ 1905, from childish pronunciation of sweet.”

Here’s a sampling of “twee” usage over the years:

1905 Punch 8 Mar. 178/1, `I call him perfectly twee!’ persisted Phyllis.

1917 M. T. HAINSSELIN Grand Fleet Days xv. 91 Girl: Oh, here’s another little gun; isn’t it a darling! Isn’t it just too twee for words!

1956 G. DURRELL Drunken Forest x. 193 `What twee individuals?’ `Those knowledgeable sentimentalists who are forever telling me that it’s cruel to lock up the poor wild creatures in little wooden boxes.’

1962 Guardian 12 July 7/1 The… highly commendable idea of importing bulk grains… and passing them, tweely packaged, to cage-bird fanciers.

1983 Listener 21 July 33/1 Mike Nichols’s thriller-fantasy about dolphins should be as nauseatingly twee as the worst Disneybut it isn’t.

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Nothing is more "twee" than trying to define "twee."

Twee was examined by William Safire a couple of months ago in the Times. If you have a subscription you should go check it out, but I'm sure it costs money by now.

Why Bill, I think you've just tried to define "twee."

no need to pay for a subscription to the NYT both SPL and KCLS have it available in their databases -- all you need is free library card from either location.

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