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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Theory of The Enumclaw Horse Case

Posted by on February 28 at 10:59 AM

Because there wasn’t enough room, and because it was a bit too abstract, this piece of theory on the Enumclaw Horse Case did not appear in my feature .

[Big Dick’s] barn is located on the edge of a little town, Enumclaw, that’s on the edge of the most densely populated, the most urban county in the state of Washington, King County. Beyond the barn is one last farm, the last farm in King County; beyond the last farm in King County, is White River, beyond White River is the base of the biggest, and potentially most dangerous, volcano in the Pacific Northwest, Mt Rainier. The fact that there are so many horses in a town that stands at the very limit of Seattle, the fact that horse fucking was thriving here—none of this can be ignored. A horse (nature) fucking a man (reason) is a union (and a limit) that directly corresponds with the geographical situation—Enumclaw, or more closely, Big Dick’s barn, being the point at which the city (reason) is terminated (or limited) by the wilderness (nature, volcano). But why should we stop there. Let’s, like Kenneth Pinyan [the man who was killed by a horse’s penis on July 2, 2005], go all the way. If we see the volcano, Mt Rainier, as the geological equivalent to the organ that got the horse its name (Big Dick), then we must see the town of Enumclaw as an anus. It is the final point of the urban body. And here we start to grasp the true meaning of Pinyan’s death. The loved and desired Mt Rainier is always threatening King County—threatening to explode and destroy the urban body with mudslides and lava. The day that the volcano erupts and kills King County is the day that Pinyan’s death obtains its true meaning.

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A bit abstract?

how do you still have a job? you are one of the most pretentious human beings on earth. do you have no sense of self? do you not hear the dumb, stuck-up,, mean-nothing shit that falls out of your mouth?! and the shit you write is so fucking retarded it doesn't even warrent comments.

god, save the stranger....

So if it doesn't warrant a comment, why all the vitriol? This paragraph made perfect sense to me, but that might be the result of education and temperament.

God save The Stranger from people who cannot handle any level of thinking higher than insider gossip about new bands and bitch-fests about the smoking ban.

i can almost say for sure that i have more education than you, dipshit.

i just don't feel the need to try and feel good about myself by name-checking all the books i've read, and how this german philosopher blah blah blah...

i don't read the music section, i don't know what insider gossip you're talking about, i just think that Mr. Mudede is a terrible writer when he goes off on his tangents. this style of writing (which is used by a few other writers, new yorker, ect.) is faux-intellectual tripe that is masturbatory in the extreme.
if this sounds a little harsh, i apologize. i've wanted to say something for awhile, but just kind of snapped when i read the 'theory'.

peace and love

Am I the only one so tired of this story?

Who cares.

The truth is that the pony fucking the lady is very true- so the twist seems to be pony fucking a male.

He could be hetero- just bonding with the Mountain, the Village, and the Animal.

Boring, old news.

Not all writers appeal to all readers. End of story.

I'm the person who cut that chunk from Mudede's feature, but I think he's a brilliant and original writer and thinker.

But what do I know?

Hey Posies:

BA (summa cum laude), MA, PhD. And why do people who claim to be apologizing call other people idiots and dipshits? Besides the academic credentials (and it's not just the education I have, it's the education I dish out as a prof) I'm 6 feet tall, 225 lbs--no one sober has called me an idiot or a dipshit to my face in years, for fear of having their posies pounded.

But this sort of forum allows for it. Very interesting. I wonder what Marshall McLuhan or Jacques Derrida would say about that?

most of mudede's writing for the stranger is masturbatory pseudo-intellectual crap.

but the horsefucker article, i must admit, was pretty good.

this excerpt just shows the value of a good editor.

I'm thoughfully trying to follow this argument, but I'm too distracted by the Wired girl with the hot ass.

I'm pretty sure that the disaffected youth of southeast King County agree with you that Enumclaw is indeed an anus.

i will gladly debate the issue with you if you'd like, bill, but you just got creepy.
...must not make hulk angry...

go compare dick sizes with someone else.

I, for one, thoroughly enjoy Mr. Mudede's writing. He's probably the most entertaining writer at The Stranger (but does he really have any competition?). More Mudede, I say.

Mr. Mudede, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Your article was compelling and the "Sam the Eagle" comparison made my day. Thanks for posting your theory.

It's a tragedy that this was cut from the feature. It would have been the best part.

BTW I don't see how it's abstract to claim that Mt. Rainier is a penis and Enumclaw an anus... "penis" and "anus" are very concrete terms, aren't they?

Mudede has penned excellent articles on Hip Hop, film, crime, philosophy, African tribal politics, and though occasionally he quotes so and so and name drops a honky here and there, his writing is crisp and very readable. There is no excess use of big words or useless metaphors. He does occasionally give Hegel the sporadic blow job, but everyone is allowed their utopian heroes.

I think his horse piece was brilliant and was also a low point for equestrians everywhere, but hey they had it coming. ;)

You might not like Mudede's writing, but I think when you shy away from different styles of writing and believe in simplification than next thing you know, people like George W Bush are elected. Funny how something on that useless reality show Runway gets hundreds of positive responses, but Mudedes pieces get hit for being pompous and blah, blah, blah..

There is nothing wrong with writing on Sartre, Hegel, Cioran or all the other honkies, personally I think Mudede makes them accessible, and whats wrong with you motherfuckers being down with some existentialism? I for one, am glad he is on there and along with Larry I look forward to his pieces on Hip Hop and film. Mudede very well might be a pompous Mo fo, but who cares, he writes well, and his pieces on African and developing world politics are spot on. He is a lefty intellectual and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Mudede's piece on Rap vs Hip Hop is da shit.

Why does Charles Mudude's writing inspire such anger, not about the subject, but about the author? Now that I think about it, most comments about Cienna Madrid's work are also directed to the author and also expressions of aggression: lust.

On the subject, I was really not convinced of the theory until the role of Enumclaw was illuminated. Then the whole thing made perfect sense. Especially the general anxiety about mudslides in the night.

All of this is would have been apparent to that great Austrian philosopher, Sigmund Freud. Now if we could just get him to explain the reader who respond.

I thought it was interesting. Perhaps not accessable enough for The Stranger's general audience, but worth looking at on the slog. It takes either a certain amount of intellectual bravery (or a controlled substance) to make that kind of offering, and I appreciate it.

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