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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Top 14

Posted by on January 17 at 10:39 AM

The City Council just narrowed its list of candidates for council position #9, the seat formerly occupied by Jim Compton, to 14 contenders. Here is the list, arranged by the number of votes each candidate received:

Eight Votes (unanimous support)
Sharon Maeda

Seven Votes
Ven Knox (Jean Godden, Richard McIver, Peter Steinbrueck, Richard Conlin, David Della, Jan Drago, Tom Rasmussen)
Stella Chao (Nick Licata, McIver, Rasmussen Steinbrueck, Della, Drago, Conlin)
Verlene Jones (Godden, Licata, McIver, Rasmussen, Conlin, Della, Drago)
Ross Baker (Godden, Licata, McIver, Steinbrueck, Conlin, Della, Drago)

Six Votes
Dolores Sibonga (Godden, Licata, McIver, Rasmussen, Della, Drago)
Darryl Smith (Godden, McIver, Rasmussen, Conlin, Della, Drago)
Sally Clark (Godden, Licata, McIver, Rasmussen, Conlin, Drago)

Five Votes
Juan Bocanegra (Godden, Licata, McIver, Steinbrueck, Della)
Joann Francis (Godden, McIver, Rasmussen, Steinbrueck, Drago)
Gail Chiarello (Godden, Licata, Rasmussen, Steinbrueck, Conlin)
Bruce Bentley (Licata, McIver, Conlin, Della, Drago)
Venus Velazquez (McIver, Rasmussen, Conlin, Della, Drago)
Javier Valdez (Godden, McIver, Rasmussen, Steinbrueck, Drago)

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(Venus Velazquez is the correct spelling)

Once we get thru today's deadlines, Erica and I will update you on who exactly these people are...and what their chances of being your next council member are. We've got their resumes stacked up right here.

Great John Kerry vibe from Sharon Maeda: a person who received no mention during the selection process, and is suddenly the favorite.

That's fishy. You might want to check her for puppet strings.

Sharon Maeda has been active in progressive social justice and racial justice issues in Seattle for several decades. She was in NY and D.C. and came back to Seattle a few years ago. She is very committed and progressive.

So why didn't this fine pub go into any length about her candidacy during the candidate hearings? In fact, this is literally the first I've heard of her.

This is like the '04 Democratic presidency race, when it was Howard Dean this and Wesley Clark that, and then suddenly we're all supposed to get behind John Kerry? Who?

This just has 'political plant' written all over it.

Making two lists (Thanks CMs Steinbrueck and Conlin!)was not enough for me to progress, but I hope that Seattle will push for the fresh face. I trust that Darryl Smith isn't upset to learn that Seattle has been 'cheating' on him with a few others :)
Kate Mortenson, #82

Let's start the pondering, the gossip, the rumors, the speculation...

-Is anyone else suprised that A-Woldt didn't make it?

-What do people know about Ross Baker?

-Isn't Ven Knox the ex-monorail staffer who left the city for her cushy overpaid job at the failed agency? Rumor had it that no one at the city was that broken up to see her go...

Ross Baker is rumored to be one of Vulcan's favorites, along with Daryl Smith.

Does anyone find it strange that with all the council obsessing over diversity that not one Jew out of the more than a dozen that applied made it on list for interviews? Council seems to have put up a sign, "No White Men or Jews Need Apply". This is a sorry state for a city that supposedly prides itself on being color blind.

So you're saying that someone who's spent the bulk of her last 25 years away from Seattle is a great candidate for Seattle City Council?

Seriously, LH? How is that good for this city, to elect to city council someone that hasn't lived here in nearly 25 years?

Gomez, My point was that she is unlikely to be a "plant." I was never making the argument that she is the best applicant (not candidate) to be appointed (not elected).

BTW look at her resume again - she hasn't been away for 25 years. She's been in Seattle since 2002. She lived here in 1996 and 1997 and 1980-86. Of the last 25 years, she's lived here 11 and been away 14.

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