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Friday, October 21, 2005

Re: Dino Rossi = Homophobe?

Posted by on October 21 at 13:39 PM

Regarding Amy’s post Dino Rossi=Homophobe?, we can officially get rid of the question mark, and add six exclamation points.

A quick spin around the website of Families Northwest, the anti-gay marriage group whose big fall fundraiser Rossi and his wife are co-chairing, reveals heaps of the smiley-faced bigotry that’s long characterized the most insidious of the anti-gay avengers.

Most galling of all: The bullshit “It’s for the children!” vibe that permeates every aspect of Families Northwest’s mission. “Preserving the definition of marriage is not about denying anyone dignity and equality,” reads the website. “It’s about promoting the best environment for raising children.”

Once again, same-sex couples are cast as the mortal enemy of “the children,” who should undoubtedly remain in the hands of such heterosexual caregivers as Lashuan Harris, the San Francisco mom charged with three counts of murder after eyewitnesses reported watching her drop her three children to their deaths in San Francisco Bay on Wednesday.

Harris has pleaded innocent, only one of her kids’ bodies has been recovered, but with marriage safely restricted to one man and one woman, “the children” remain safe for another day…