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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Nickels Chickens Out AGAIN

Posted by on October 18 at 13:48 PM

Tonight, Greg Nickels was supposed to participate in a debate, sponsored by the 43rd District Democrats, with mayoral challenger Al Runte. A week ago, Nickels bailed. His campaign manager, Viet Shelton, says Nickels wanted to spend time with his wife, Sharon, who’s getting back into town after a few weeks away tonight. (The debate, don’t forget, is ONE HOUR long - and Nickels presumably knew about the time conflict when he agreed to do it in the first place.)

This isn’t the first time the mayor has ducked out of his campaign-related duties: one week ago, Nickels’ campaign manager called the Stranger to cancel the mayor’s endorsement interview, saying we were “too mean” and probably wouldn’t endorse him anyway. A few hours later, the mayor changed his mind and agreed to come to the interview, but claimed he was only available for a tiny window late Friday afternoon - the one time Runte couldn’t make it.

Richard Kelley, head of the 43rd District Ds, said the group changed its format to allow Nickels to send a surrogate; if he doesn’t, Kelley says, all the mayor’s time will go to Runte. “The people in the district will have to come to their own conclusions” about the mayor’s absence, Kelley says.