We cant wait to see Jonathan Richman tonight!
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  • We can't wait to see Jonathan Richman tonight!

It's the last day of Bumbershoot! Happy Labor Day! We're not even that hungover! And actually pretty excited for one more day of music (and one more day of festival food opportunities)! So what's on the list today?

DAVE SEGAL: Tu Stultus Es: The Onion Explains Why You Are Stupid (7pm, Words & Ideas) is, I’m betting, going to be a very enlightening and funny look under the hood of the country’s sharpest humor vehicle. Jonathan Richman (8 pm, Starbucks) is a performer who can charm your cynicism clean off with instantly catchy, earnest, and absurdly mundane folk-pop ditties—though I’m hoping he dips into the moldering Modern Lovers songbook a few times. Jacco Gardner (8:15pm, End Zone), because he’s an expert archeologist of baroque late-’60s psych pop—and he’s from the Netherlands.

KATHLEEN RICHARDS: Monday is going to be my day to check out bands based on the recommendations of fellow Stranger critics: La Luz (12:30pm, Fountain Lawn)—'one of the best bands playing Bumbershoot,' exclaims a (slightly hyperbolic?) Robin Edwards, Julianna Barwick (5:30pm, Pavilion)—'an a cappella ambient auteur with a populist's penchant for earworm melodies,' raves Kyle Fleck—and Chimurenga Renaissance (4:45pm, End Zone), which Dave Segal calls 'rhythmically punchy and texturally vibrant.' And I’ll check out the all-Native art exhibit that Jen Graves reviewed.

KYLE FLECK: Haven't caught a Rose Windows (3:30pm, Fountain Lawn) set since last year's Sub Pop fest in Georgetown, and I'm dying to hear the material they've been blessing European audiences with. As far as melodic, fey, vaguely-bittersweet indie rock goes, Real Estate (9pm, Fountain Lawn) are the best in the business. Perfect late summer soundtrack for driving around, contemplating mild regrets and watching sun rays through leaves. Paul F. Tompkins' Dead Authors Podcast (4:45, Bagley) is absolutely brilliant comedy, made by smart people for smart people to laugh in that smart people way. Also: hats.

KELLY O: After I eat a couple ears of corn for breakfast, I'm going to see La Luz (12:30pm, Fountain Lawn) because they are talented musicians and NOT because I read that wacka-doo, what-the-fuck preview in the Weekly: "In an alternate universe, the members of La Luz have adopted me from the pound. I wear a collar and do silly tricks that make them giggle. In return I get to sit on their laps and sniff their butts. La Luz, I wanna be your dog." Woof.

EMILY NOKES: I have eaten at least one Shishkaberry every day so far, and I always get the one with sprinkles, so maybe today I'll go for the one covered in pulverized Oreo-like cookie. I strongly recommend seeing DakhaBrakha (2:45pm, Fisher Green) because their theatrical underground Ukrainian folk performances are magical. I'll also stop by Rose Windows (3:30pm, Fountain Lawn) and Chimurenga Renaissance (4:45pm, End Zone) to support local fabulousness, then eagerly camp out until Jonathan Richman (8pm, Starbucks) comes to serenade our cares away.