Your War Metaphor Is Backwards: There is no "War on Cars," but bicyclists are dying in the streets. Still, we're excited about the new bike share program.

The Return of Officer John Marion? If so, this man deserves a greatest-hits compilation.

Was It Worth the Wait? Hillary Clinton ignored Ferguson and then she finally made a statement on Ferguson.

Should Washington Eliminate Its Statute of Limitations on Rape Charges? Cienna Madrid investigates.

All the Bullets in Britain: Charles Mudede looks at an awful juxtaposition of facts comparing Great Britain to Ferguson.

Just In Time for PAX: Anna Minard explains the terrible gamer response to Anita Sarkeesian's feminist critiques of gamer culture.

Just In Time for Bumbershoot: Jen Graves broke the news yesterday of the Ferguson-related art that got cut from Bumbershoot.

Dan Savage Vs. the Rotating Preacher: This is one weird-ass video, for sure.

Rubble for Ice: Ansel Herz told us about the Rubble Bucket Challenge, and then a Stranger Genius of Literature brought it to Seattle.

Another Bad Week for Mars Hill: Mark Driscoll announced that he was going to take at least six weeks off, but there's still a lot of Driscoll-related turmoil behind the scenes.

So Long and Thanks for All the Breast Cakes: The Erotic Bakery is closing. What do we do now? The last time I asked QFC to put a penis on a cake, it ended with a restraining order. Here's an interview with Erotic Bakery owner Kimmie Barnett. This is such sad news, and we can't even gorge ourselves on catfish to get through our grief.

That's Ffity Shades of Bullshit: Let's debunk some falsehoods about Fifty Shades of Grey and abuse.

Real Genius: Here's what happened at the Literature Genius Showcase at the Frye.

White Flag: Henry Rollins unequivocally apologized for his shitty, stupid comments about suicide.