Tomorrow night at 7 pm, Scarecrow Video is presenting a free screening of a movie called Scream for Help at the Grand Illusion. In addition to being a fun, free movie that represents the depth of Scarecrow's archives of esoteric movies, the screening is also a rally to remind people that the Scarecrow Project Kickstarter to turn the Best Damn Video Store in the World into a nonprofit video library is still ongoing.

But wait, I hear you say, the Scarecrow Project already hit their goal. Why do they need to raise more money? Scarecrow's Matt Lynch explains that the Kickstarter goal "was the bare minimum we needed to get the non-profit off the ground," and since Kickstarter is an "all-or-nothing" proposition, "we didn’t want to back ourselves into a corner" by asking for an unachievable goal. With an additional $50,000, Scarecrow could continue to add some rare gems to their collection, and it could also build a little bit of financial stability into the new nonprofit. "Because we won’t have a benefactor like we did for the last 15 years with the previous owners," Lynch explains, "we have to make sure that we have that extra assurance in the bank." In short, every little bit helps. Now that they've hit the baseline, extra contributions build a Scarecrow Video for the 21st century: better, faster, stronger.

With all that settled, how's the movie? Like many of Scarecrow's crown jewels, Scream for Help is a very rare film, so I haven't seen it. What i can tell you is this: It's directed by the fabulously named Michael Winner, who's perhaps best known as the director of Death Wish 3. It stars absolutely nobody in particular. From the trailer, I can tell you that it looks like a Lifetime made-for-TV movie that went insane and tried to kill its viewers. And the Grand Illusion encouarages you to picture "the sleaziest Nancy Drew mystery imaginable, then multiply that by 10." That sure sounds like an unmissable experience to me.