Varsity Drag is Ben Deily's current band; Deily was a founding member of the late '80s band the Lemonheads!! Deily says he'll be playing lots of songs from the first three Lemonheads' LPs as well as Varsity Drag jams. He also mentioned this tour is meant to, sorta, coincide with the recent Deluxe reissues of the first three Lemonheads records.

I hafta say, for all the heaped on Lemonhead Evan Dando in the '90s, the early Lemonheads line up, with Deily as co-writer, seemed to be more relevant as some kinda punk/post-hardcore underground group. Like, they still had a raw edge; you could throw all the glittery weed at MTV-era Lemon-Dandos you want, and it'll never come close to the bite of the original lineup's recordings.

Also on the bill tonight are the late-'80s-styled underground group Foxhole Norman, Carolina's War, and Chris Crusher.

The Kraken, 5257 University Way NE // $5