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Tonight in Music: Beck and Sultan Bathery

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(Marymoor Park) After producing some of the more adventurous, forward-thinking pop of the ’90s, Beck appears content to go gently into that adult-contempo night, releasing records for the last decade that sound like the literal shadows of previous hits and the occasional odd vanity project (Song Reader, anyone?). His latest, Morning Phase, is a return of sorts to the heavily orchestrated and pristinely produced mope-rock of 2002’s Sea Change, though it trades that album’s alluring hangdog desperation in favor of a mannered melancholy; more Wes Anderson bittersweet than Quentin Tarantino po-mo. Despite all this age-induced mellowing, Beck remains one of the more intriguing characters in our pop-culture orbit; one should not discount the possibility of a creative renaissance, or the entertainment value of his lauded live show. KYLE FLECK
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(Therapy) Garage-rock bands may be a dime a dozen these days, but what about an Italian garage-rock band? Sultan Bathery have brought their adept, mercurial garage-psych all the way from that land of teetering economy to lay it down right here at our own Therapy on Capitol Hill. What the hell is a Sultan Bathery, you might ask? According to the internet, Sultan Bathery, previously known as Sultan's Battery, is a town in the Wayanad district of Kerala, India. What does that have to do with psychedelic garage rock, you might ask? Middle Eastern metaphysics, bro. GRANT BRISSEY
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