Ahiza Garcia at Talking Points Memo says:

Conservative lawyer and WND columnist Larry Klayman dedicated his weekly column on Friday to what he described as "racism" displayed by President Barack Obama by siding with his "black brothers" in Ferguson, Mo.

Klayman used the President's comments about the fatal police shooting of Ferguson teenager Michael Brown to launch a rant of what he said was Obama's targeting of "whitey" and preferential treatment of his "black brothers."... "At this rate, it is remarkable that Obama has not renamed the White House 'the Black House,'" Klayman wrote.

Jesus fucking Christ! What planet does Klayman live on? I fucking wish President Obama made a statement about his "black brothers" in Ferguson. Obama's inaction on Ferguson has been disappointing from the start, but now it's embarrassing.

As I was writing this post, it was announced that President Obama is going to speak on Ferguson and Iraq at 1 pm Seattle time. Let's hope he doesn't prevaricate this time. Let's hope he says something that will make Klayman really, really upset.