Lightning last night in Tacoma. Expect more like this today.
  • Brooklyn Cowan
  • Expect more like this today. This photo was taken last night in Tacoma.

Yesterday Was the Hottest Day in Seattle in Nearly Four Years, and the Lightning Storm Isn't Over: "Expect an afternoon of lightning Tuesday which could increase the danger of wildfires in Western Washington," King 5 News reports. "Individual thunderstorms may contain heavy rain and hail aside from lightning," KOMO reports, which predicts rain for tomorrow. If you were thinking of lighting anything on fire today, don't. All statewide outdoor burning has been banned.

$1 Million Bail Set for 17-Year-Old Charged with Jenise Wright's Murder: The "acclaimed wrestler for Olympic High School with no criminal history" will be tried as an adult.

Steve Ballmer and His Wife Back Background Checks for Gun Purchasers: They just gave $250,000 to Initiative 594, the statewide measure that would close the gun show loophole. The National Rifle Association of America Washingtonians Opposed to Initiative 594 has only raised $25,000, compared with pro-I594's $3.4 million.

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Coroner to Perform Robin Williams's Autopsy Today: So says the Los Angeles Times, which also points out that he was an avid cyclist and had a pug named Lenny ("after another famous comedian"). Here are four movies starring Robin Williams that have not come out yet. And here's a reminder that his death is a wakeup call for mental illness. You better be resting in peace, Robin Williams. But you're probably not. You're probably going to sit up during your autopsy and start telling the coroner jokes.

Scarecrow Video Is Becoming a Nonprofit: The idea, as explained in a letter from Scarecrow's owners, is to "reinvent the world’s largest video store as a community-supported, publicly-available, non-profit film library and resource." It will be called the Scarecrow Project, and today they're launching a Kickstarter campaign "to raise the funds necessary for the transition." To read about the history of Scarecrow Video, start here. In 2002, Quentin Tarantino walked to Scarecrow from a hotel in downtown Seattle. He called it "a pilgrimage."

How Much Are the Parcels of Land Above the Future Capitol Hill Light Rail Station Worth? Developers think Sound Transit's asking prices are too high, CHS reports. Sound Transit says they're "fair market value for some of the most prized property in the city."

The Two Young Men Who Drowned in Green Lake Last Week Were Shoreline Community College Students: They had been playing soccer when they decided to go for a swim. They "were last seen chasing after a ball on the east side of the lake before struggling to stay afloat and disappearing under the surface," KOMO reports. They were 21 and 23 years old. There is a fundraiser for the funeral of the 21-year-old right here.

The otter was shot with a .22-caliber pistol with a silencer.
  • River otter/Shutterstock
  • The otter was shot "with a .22-caliber pistol with a silencer."
Death Penalty for an Otter Who Attacked a Boy and His Mother: "Officials said they're nearly certain they got the right otter."