A few guy friends were comparing, um, notes the other day and one fellow asked the most important question of all: Where does one start measuring? If one starts at the pubic bone, this would give the measurement of the most VISIBLE amount of wang. However, one guy noted that from the middle of the scrotum would give the more accurate representation of effective tool length, as most men can angle their hips for deeper penetration. We were hoping to get your take on this, Dan. Where should we start our rulers?

Curious About Penile Proportions

My response after the jump...


While a case can certainly be made for measuring from the sack and up along the underside of the cock to the tip—and while a lot of guys on Grindr and Scruff and Tinder and CL appear to be measuring from their assholes and up to the tip (and one or two from their bladders and out to the tip)—I'm gonna second Dr. Mahinder Watsa, the acerbic 90-year-old doctor who writes India's most popular sex-advice column, and back the pubic-bone-and-up-along-the-top-of-the-shaft standard. Dr. Watsa, who has been writing the "Ask the Sexpert" column in the Mumbai Mirror for nine years, was profiled in the New York Times this weekend. The NYT gave its readers a taste of the doctors style:

“My friend saw me while bathing. According to him, the size of my penis is not more than that of a cashew nut. What should I do to increase the size?” “If a man and a woman masturbate at the same time, thinking about sex, can it lead to pregnancy?” “Also, I was wondering whether there is any possibility of a guy getting pregnant if he has anal sex with another man?”

Dr. Watsa does not laugh when he reads these letters, nor does he weep; he has been at this too long. He admits to being irritated from time to time, and this is sometimes evident in his responses, which manage to be both grandfatherly and withering. To wit:

“Take a foot rule and measure from the pubic bone to the tip of your organ. If it’s longer than two and a half inches, it is enough to satisfy a partner.” “There are no angels to carry your sperms to the person you are dreaming about.” “Mr. Ignoramus, for the rest of your query, visit Google and educate yourself on the basics.”

Dr. Watsa sounds like a fascinating guy and we're going to try and get him on the "Savage Lovecast" for one of our "Second Opinion" segments. You can check out more of Dr. Watsa's "Ask the Sexpert" columns at the Mumbai Mirror's website.