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Tonight in Music: JEA, No Babies, and Some Freaky Techno!

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(Hollow Earth Radio) JEA is Jason E. Anderson, one of the heroes of Seattle’s experimental electronic music unscene. Besides running the important labels Gift Tapes and DRAFT, Anderson was half of restlessly roaming kosmische-synth duo Brother Raven and a solo artist recording under names like Spare Death Icon, Harpoon Pole Vault, and LIMITS. The latter project sees Anderson veering off the rigorous academic path of dronehood into the domain of generating spasmodic bursts of highly processed, extreme tones that make Kid606’s turn-of-the-millennium music seem like calm, orderly electronica. Lately Anderson has been letting his mischievous side run rampant, and tonight he’s planning a Moog synthesizer set. Austin, Texas, trio SSBT perpetrate some loose, noisy chaos that reminds me of the Red Krayola’s freefrom freakouts from their immortal 1967 debut, The Parable of Arable Land and the Dead C’s anomic feedback storms. I love it when well-schooled musicians go wild. DAVE SEGAL
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Sam Melancon’s MOTOR semi-monthly night is back to brilliantly darken your life. Tonight Lack (North Carolina producer Philip Maier) makes his Seattle debut. He ain’t your garden-variety minimal-techno musician. Lack’s recent EP on Morphine Records, Expect Night Work, contains four tracks that recall the crumbling-civilization atmospheres of Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle, set to rhythms geared to disrupt your heartbeat. The approach is stark and stoic but the emotional impact is profound. To hear this exceptionally warped techno on a good club system will have a powerfully psychotropic effect. Olympia’s HOM (Ashley P. Svn) recently released Bound/Somn as part of Debacle Records’ MOTOR series of 12-inches. It’s the sort of grim, discordant techno (think of the artwork from Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures cover transferred into sound) that really warms my heart. With Apartment Fox, Simic, and DJ Kaori Suzuki. Kremwerk, 9 pm, $5, 21+. DAVE SEGAL
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(Black Lodge) Starting an EP with a high-pitched scream is certainly an attention grabber—and Oakland's No Babies deserve the attention. The noisy punk band's 11-minute rager Yo No Soy Como Tú (translation: "I'm not like you") plunges into a delightful chaos of dissonant guitar screeching and no-wave-style saxophone that thrashes around and gives me a headbanging hangover, even when I haven't been headbanging. Jasmine Watson's battle-cry vocals seethe against everything from the patriarchy to the capitalist medical system with howls that lament the status quo in lines like "You know me better than I know myself because I was born X plus X." Live, the band fumes even harder than the Gilgongo Records/Upset the Rhythm-released 7-inch, and the combination with Seattle's Cramps-y sludge-punks Freak Vibe and avant-garde performance artists A-A-A-A O-O-O-O has the potential to create some IRL headbangovers. ROBIN EDWARDS
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The popular British Ghostly International recording artist Gold Panda brings his casually danceable house music to Seattle again (we love his cuddly club cuts). His chill, bauble-encrusted productions induce an understated euphoria in your limbs. Sometimes the soft-sell approach wins, but Gold Panda’s newest album, Half of Where You Live, has a cut that reminds me of Robert Armani’s “Circus Bells,” so he’s accelerating the metabolism a bit. With Lane 8. Neumos, 8 pm, $17 adv, all ages. DAVE SEGAL
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