The Killing in Gaza: Israel and Hamas kept up another weekend of killing, leading to another stab at a ceasefire. While Hamas shoots rockets and Israel executes air strikes, Palestinian civilians continue to shed most of the blood. Yesterday Israel fired on a UN school, killing 10 people.

The Death Toll: The New York Times reports that 1,525 Palestinians have been killed in this latest clash, at least 1,033 of them being civilians, 329 whom are children, according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. In contrast, 67 Israelis have died, all but three of them soldiers.

Palestinians Are Running Out of Places to Store the Bodies: Al Jazeera reports:

Corpses of dead Palestinians have overwhelmed morgues at Rafah's hospitals, and relatives have been left with no option but to keep their loved ones in commercial refrigerators. At the city's Kuwaiti hospital, a stream of ambulances negotiated its way through crowds of medical staff and families, delivering bodies to be laid out on the gravel outside the building.

P.F. Chang's Is in the News! A security breach at 33 restaurants may have compromised your credit card data.

Won't Somebody Think of the Chicken Farmers? "U.S. chicken farmers latest caught in Russia sanction crosshairs."

I'm Sure It's Fine: Toledo, Ohio, lifts its ban on drinking water, a ban imposed after tests showed an algae-created toxin had entered the water supply. The Associated Press explains that Lake Erie, which feeds the city's water supply, has had rising levels of crap: "Researchers largely blame the algae’s resurgence on manure and chemical fertilizer from farms that wash into the lake along with sewage treatment plants. Leaky septic tanks and stormwater drains have contributed, too. Combined, they flush huge amounts of phosphorus into the lake."

In Breaking LOCAL News: "Seattle took the quick and unusual step of banning right turns across its popular Dexter Avenue North bike corridor for southbound drivers turning west onto Mercer Street." It's to protect cyclists! Socialism! Social engineering!

VOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTE! The Stranger's patented endorsements and patent-leather cheat sheet for tomorrow's primary election.