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Revisit the horror in a brand-new Last Days: The Week in Review.

MONDAY, JULY 14 This week of one tragic warlike gesture after another leading to a cumulative sense of the end of the world kicks off, fittingly enough, with fire, which inserted itself into the week's proceedings like a plague. Case in point: today's story out of Utah, where the past weekend brought the Element 11 festival—which describes itself as a "sanctioned regional Burning Man festival event dedicated to the Ten Principles and ethos of Burning Man"—where attendees were enjoying principles and ethos until an actual man started burning. As the Salt Lake Tribune reports, the scene went down Saturday night in the desert near Grantsville, where "a three-story wooden effigy, inspired by the creatures from Where the Wild Things Are, [was] burned to mark the culmination of the Element 11 festival." The ceremonial bonfire had been burning for around 30 minutes when the scene turned dark, when "hundreds of festival-goers watched in horror as Christopher Wallace of Salt Lake City broke through a safety barrier, danced wildly for a few moments, and ran full speed into the flames," reports the Tribune. "Wallace, who was in his late 20s or early 30s, had told other festival-goers earlier in the day that he planned to kill himself by jumping into the burning effigy, said Grantsville police Lt. Steve Barrett. 'This is what he was going to do, and it's what he did,' Barrett said." After reviewing witnesses' video footage of Wallace's plunge into fire, police officially determined Wallace's death was a suicide. Condolences to all.

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