Great Things Can Happen If You Organize: Ansel had a great story yesterday about the Central District affordable-housing building that Mayor Ed Murray refused to say should remain in nonprofit hands, then, under pressure, had to capitulate on. The Tenants Union does good work. Call on them if you need them.

Reports of a Truce Deal in Gaza: Now denied; no deal. There had been a five-hour break. This renewed round of fighting began with the deaths of several teenagers in June and early this month. Now, Israel has charged three Israelis with the murder of a Palestinian teen, in what prosecutors say was a revenge killing and an act of terrorism. Meanwhile, that victim's cousin, a Palestinian American teenager who was allegedly beaten by Israeli security forces, returns home to Tampa.

Attack on Kabul Airport: As Pakistani Taliban flood Afghanistan.

Obama Orders Another Round: Of sanctions against Russia.

Starting, Today, Washington, D.C., Is Moving Toward Decriminalizing Pot: Possessing small amounts now gets you the equivalent of a littering ticket.

The Monstrous Towns of the United States: Where children fleeing from Central America are seen as resource-sucking disease vectors.

A few of the protesters who marched against a proposed shelter in Vassar, Mich., on Monday were armed with semiautomatic rifles and handguns. In Virginia, an effort to house the children at the shuttered campus of Saint Paul’s College in Lawrenceville caused such an uproar that federal officials pulled out, even though a five-month lease had been signed. Someone spray-painted anti-immigrant graffiti on a brick wall at a former Army Reserve facility in Westminster, Md., that was being considered as a shelter site.

Biggest Cuts in Microsoft's History: 14 percent of the workforce to be laid off. Mostly the Nokians. In the Puget Sound region, 1,351 workers will lose their jobs. And Nokia devices won't support Android anymore.

Michael Sam Gives an Inspiring Speech About Coming Out, Invoking Arthur Ashe: At the ESPY Awards last night.

California's Death Penalty: Ruled unconstitutional.

1 Killed, 2 Injured: Lake Washington boat crash late last night.

Was It a Trans Hate Crime in the Middle of the Street in White Center?: A robbery cars had to swerve to avoid.

Did You See the Fires?: Wildfires so wild they're visible miles away in Seattle. Homes are threatened.

There Is A Very, Very, Very Big Hole: In Siberia. Whatever from?

Apple Agrees to a $450 Million Settlement: In an ebook price-fixing case.

What? Too Many Pieces of Flair?: Safeway employees who wore anti-police brutality buttons get complaints from customers and reprimands from managers.

Please Stop Extreme-Hiking on Rainier or Anywhere Else Unless You Leave a Suicide Note Before You Go: People love you, you know. Another hiker missing on the mountain.

A Romanian Princess in Eastern Oregon: Pleads guilty to running a cockfighting enterprise.

Blues Guitarist Johnny Winter, 70: Has died.

Minecraft Star Wars: It's coming.

After yesterday's Morning News about Assad in "Iran," I thought today you might want some news about actual Syrians.