KITTENS!!! At City Hall at noon today! Go forth and cuddle!
  • Orhan Cam/
  • KITTENS!!! At City Hall at noon today! Go forth and cuddle!
Dear every other city,

WE ARE THE BEST AND WE WIN ALL THE PRIZES!!! Yeah, okay, so we're all mad this week because it's hot out. But as anyone from anywhere else will tell you, this weather is fantastic compared to all the hotter, wetter, drier, crappier versions of summer happening across the land. But waaaaay more importantly: As we're celebrating legal pot and successfully fighting off business challenges to our highest-in-the-nation $15 minimum wage, our gay-married mayor has decided to have AN ACTUAL KITTEN PARTY AT CITY HALL.

I repeat: Today, the City of Seattle is hosting a KITTEN PARTY at City Hall at noon. Where you can go snuggle with real live kittens for free. Aieeeeeeee!!! Go! Now! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!

Mayor Ed Murray has issued a proclamation renaming City Hall "Kitty Hall" for the day, and the Seattle Animal Shelter is setting up an open-to-the-public "interactive kitten exhibit" from noon to 1 p.m. in the big plaza out front of City Hall. I mean, excuse me, Kitty Hall.

What's an "interactive kitten exhibit"? It sounds like it'll be a giant enclosed tent full of kittens you can cuddle with. This event, of course, is meant to highlight all the adoptable cats and kittens at the Seattle Animal Shelter, though they won't be performing on-site adoptions. If you can't make it today, you can always check out the shelter online.

In summary: We are the best, other cities are dumb, let's go snuggle kittens and then get happy hour and hang out on the beach.