Behind the Scenes: Of the Lake Union fireworks show!

The NSA Spied On Me: I've searched for and downloaded the anonymizing web browser Tor, which means the NSA has not only collected the data about that Internet use, but targeted that data, including logging my IP address, for retention and inspection, according to a new report. Fuck everything about this.

USA! USA! USA! Our country tis of thee! Accused of spying...on Germany's investigation into NSA spying.

Hillary Clinton: Wants Snowden to return to the US and face trial, where he'll be charged under the archaic 1917 Espionage Act used to prosecute Chelsea Manning. Had he stayed here, the intelligence agency he worked for wouldn't have attempted to "destroy his career" or anything, because America.

Trans Community Reels From Four Murders: "While you’re off celebrating Pride, our community is dealing with the brutal deaths of Zoraida Reyes, Tiff Edwards, Yaz’min Shancez."

Obama: Considering taking executive action to counter recent Supreme Court decisions denying contraception to women.

IKEA: Was funding the Romanian secret police during the 1980s. You'll recall that it also used East German prisoners as free labor and more recently, horsemeat in its famous meatballs.

Baseball fans: Love trying to catch home run balls, hate injuries and losing fingers.

World Cup: A giant locust-type thing landed on Colombia's star player after he scored in their 2-1 loss to Brazil, whose star striker, Neymar, took a knee to a back, taking him out of the rest of the tournament. Germany sauntered past France, winning 1-0.

Today's open thread—Argentina vs. Belgium is happening right now, Netherlands vs. Costa Rica at 1 p.m.—is here.