• Tom Hines
The Austin, TX band Spoon has introduced a Vinyl Gratification program for those who like their incentives and instant gratification tracks to be physical and vinyl. The program turns the common practice of incentivizing digital pre-orders with "instant gratification” tracks by offering an instant indie-retail-only three-song vinyl 10-inch.

Beginning July 15, people who pre-order Spoon’s They Want My Soul (out August 5 on Loma Vista) will immediately receive a limited edition 45 RPM vinyl 10-inch. Then after They Want My Soul's August 5 release, you can bring your receipt back to the store where you pre-ordered and receive a 180g white vinyl copy of the LP packaged in a heavy 20-pt paper sleeve. Included on the 10" is the first single from the album "Do You."

Spoon's Britt Daniel said, "A few weeks ago as we were figuring out how to roll out the new Spoon album I kept coming back to this: why do we incentivize people to buy our music from big outlets but we don't extend the same courtesy to actual record stores? Case in point: why do we encourage listeners to buy early by offering instant gratification tracks for pre-orders of the digital album, yet there's no special motivation for buying music from Waterloo or Reckless Records? And there's no incentive to buy the format that so many of those listeners prefer—an actual physical item they can hold and read and play on a turntable. So I came up with the idea of a Vinyl Gratification program."

In Seattle, looks like Easy Street and Silver Platters are partaking in the program.

Spoon plays Capitol Hill Block Party Friday, July 25th at 10:45 PM on the Main Stage.