MEL by Romson Bustillo
  • Courtesy of Bainbridge Island Museum of Art
  • MEL by Romson Bustillo

Jen Graves: "Most of the time I will be wearing long pants and mittens, apparently. I will, however, shed the long pants and mittens for a party dress in order to attend the Northwest African American Museum’s Afro party Saturday night, following Romson Bustillo’s opening at the Bainbridge Museum of Art. If I could be in two places at once, I’d also be at Rodrigo Valenzuela’s “Maid TV” premiere at Northwest Film Forum Saturday night, because I got a secret screening yesterday, and the piece is fascinating. I asked to watch it twice; it’s only 18 minutes. Maybe you can ask to watch it twice, too, on the big screen, and I hear some of the maids who are featured in it will be in attendance."

David Schmader: "Packing. (Not fudge, just my apartment.) Also doing that type of security-deposit-securing obsesso-cleaning required of vacating renters, while listening to Hyphy Hitz on repeat. Then spending the next 30 years paying a mortgage (probably while listening to Hyphy Hitz on repeat)."

Dave Segal: "Tonight, if I have the energy, I'll attend the Deepchild/Codebase show at Kremwerk for some decadent acid techno. Saturday I'm hitting the sweet-ass Indian Summer loft party featuring Newaxeyes, Midday Veil, Rose Windows, MTNS, DJ Explorateur, and more hot local groups. Sunday looks like an opportune time to collapse from exhaustion after a damned hectic week."

Dan Savage "Lesbian comedian Cameron Esposito is performing at the Parlor Live Comedy Club this weekend with Chuck Roy and I'm finally—finally—going to get a chance to see Esposito perform live. I love her essays and I'm psyched to see her standup. Never seen Roy, but psyched to see him too. Just psyched generally. Sunday I'm going to be a bad fag and stay home to read Danubia. Terry is a much better fag than I am and he's going to all the Nark parties this weekend—and he's probably going to drag me to the boat party on Saturday afternoon."

Brendan Kiley: "I’m going to an old barn in Marysville to watch a young company called Blood Ensemble rehearse their site-specific Barn Show. Their last show, a riff on Edgar Allen Poe, was performed in what seemed like a one-room basement apartment on Capitol Hill. (It seems like making shows for unconventional spaces—or turning your theater into an unconventional space—seems to be increasingly popular with the younger companies these days: Blood Ensemble, The Horse in Motion, Satori Group...)"

Charles Mudede: "I'm leaving South Seattle and taking a trip (on the 48 bus) to North Seattle. During my time there, I will visit relatives, reunite with old friends, and eat and drink at the Naked City Brewery. The trip back to Columbia City will take as long as a flight from Seattle to Portland."

Paul Constant: "I'm hoping to go see something at Ark Lodge Cinema this weekend; it's probably between Belle and How to Train Your Dragon 2. I'm also going kayaking, and I'll be reading a bunch of books (including The City Under the Skin by Geoff Nicholson) and comic books (including the newest issue of Ms. Marvel by Stranger Genius nominee G. Willow Wilson). There will probably be a Pride event or two in there, too."