Presbyterian Church Divests From Israeli Occupation: This is huge for the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. The vote was 310 to 303. "After a decade of corporate engagement with Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola Solutions, these companies have failed to modify their behavior and continue to profit from Israeli human rights abuses and non-peaceful pursuits," said divestment supporter Rev. Dr. Walt Davis.

Here's Why: Israeli troops killed a Palestinian teenager yesterday and earlier this week harassed a shop owner whose security cameras showed them firing live rounds and killing two other teenagers this month, earning a rebuke from Human Rights Watch.

Traffic: There will be a lot of it this weekend. Seattlish has the lowdown.

Thank YouTube: In particular, thank YouTube commentator Jordan Owen for tipping off UW to threats against women made in the comments of one of his videos.

Seriously?! US soccer star Hope Solo has been arrested for alleged domestic violence.

Prison Escape by Hot Air Balloon? Nope. A festival balloon pilot let strong winds and low fuel get the better of him, and landed in a prison parking lot.

Trust In the Media: It's at an all-time low (on par with "The Internet"), according to a new Gallup poll.

Boston: letting young people determine how to spend $1 million of its city budget. Can we do this here? Because it sounds awesome.

Three Ways: Glenn Greenwald changed how local tech journo Monica Guzman looks at digital privacy with his talk at Town Hall last week. Here's another insight Greenwald offered: the reason the national security establishment has argued over and over, without a shred of evidence, that Snowden is a spy (first for China, then Russia) is that they can't fathom someone acting out of conscience rather than self-interest. The accusation reveals far more about them than it does Snowden.

The Latest NSA Scoop: RAMPART-A is the name of the program. It allows the NSA, with the cooperation of numerous foreign governments, to "tap into three terabits of data every second as the data flows across the compromised cables—the equivalent of being able to download about 5,400 uncompressed high-definition movies every minute."

Feels like a good morning for Chance The Rapper ("please say the rapper!"):