T.S. the Solution
  • T.S. the Solution

I might be tripping, but every time I make some bleak joke here about something terrible, something terrible happens. Terrible things are always happening, though; that doesn't mean I ever have to be numb to them. Like the way we've let gun violence become a part of our lives, like it's the internet or reality TV. To quote Twitter—shit, CNN does it—"Tragedy. Tragic. Senseless. This is the language of normalization. I refuse to use these words. How about fucked up, maddening, repugnant." Real shit, Geo. Some will tell you gun violence is down, but we are still light-years behind every other nation on earth in that department. This country is exactly like these shooters—mentally unhealthy and armed to the teeth. We need solutions.

Back in February, I got linked to a video from a rapper called T.S. the Solution—a Long Beach native, Washington State resident—for a song called "Take Off." Well, slow-moving me, I just now got hip to Sleepwalking, the eight-song project that he and Ellensburg producer M-Pyre dropped back in March—a quality slab of aspirational post-grad come-up rap...

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