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Monday, June 9, 2014

Youth Pastor Watch

Posted by on Mon, Jun 9, 2014 at 7:55 AM

VIRGINIA: "A youth pastor from North Chesterfield was arrested and charged with several online sex crimes against children. Deric Wallace Peacock, 30, is charged with sexual solicitation of a minor by electronic means; requesting a minor to fondle her own sexual or genital parts; and three counts of exposing his sexual or genital parts to a minor... The website indicated Peacock began working at Church of God South Hopewell in January 2013. He and his wife have been foster parents since 2008, according to the website. “Church Council hired Deric as a Youth Pastor and he’s been super, he’s been one great man for our youth,” said Noel Bruce, Church Member."

KENTUCKY: "A former Henderson youth pastor is convicted of 16 sexual abuse related charges in Colorado while still facing similar charges in the tristate. 44 year-old John Brothers is a former youth minister at Hyland Baptist Church. He could face life in prison. Now this is just the beginning of Brothers' days in a courtroom.He is still awaiting trial in Henderson. Brothers was first arrested in 2011 for the alleged sexual-abuse of two members of Hyland Baptist's Youth Group."

OHIO: "The father and son leaders of a Westlake, Ohio church were arrested less than a week apart on sex abuse charges. Church on the Rise youth pastor Jordan Endrei was arrested Wednesday on one count of unlawful sexual contact with a minor, and his father, senior pastor Paul Endrei, was arrested May 29 on two counts of sexual battery and four counts of gross sexual imposition. The accuser is one of Paul Endrei's adopted children who is under age 16."

TEXAS: "Federal prosecutors say a former youth pastor in East Texas has pleaded guilty to a child pornography charge. Authorities say that when Trevion Lechay Ethridge was a youth pastor at a Newtown County church, he persuaded a minor to video record and photograph pornographic images and then send them to Ethridge by cellphone from November 2012 to March 2013."

INDIANA: "A Christian youth group that is part of Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Ind., recently produced a bizarre video that portrays a woman getting beaten. Youth pastor Nate Utley and members of his Youth E.D.G.E Indy group were creating what they thought was a humorous video (below) for 7th graders about people who break the rules and the consequences. According to, in the video, Utley pretends to beat a woman with a baseball bat because she says, "shut up," and beats another girl over a pizza box."


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Phoebe in Wallingford 1
It's too early and a pretty sunny morning for all this depravity, Dan.
Posted by Phoebe in Wallingford on June 9, 2014 at 8:29 AM · Report this
Leishalynn 2
"If you have any questions about public displays of affection, ask your minister."
Posted by Leishalynn on June 9, 2014 at 8:35 AM · Report this
Pope Peabrain 3
Thanks for opening our eyes to the depravity that is religion, Dan. Especially on a "pretty sunny" day.
Posted by Pope Peabrain on June 9, 2014 at 8:38 AM · Report this
dnt trust me 4
Usually if I see a name like Deric Wallace Peacock, I think cool, neat name, must be cool person. I can be such an idiot. No excuse, and it's a lame blame, but I think our society is overwrought with the names of people in the news.
Posted by dnt trust me on June 9, 2014 at 8:41 AM · Report this
From the article regarding the Ohio father-son accused, an official church statement is quoted:

"We pray for Pastor Paul, his wife and 5 children... We are aware that the allegations are coming from one of the children adopted by the Endreis. We pray that this troubled adolescent receive the help and counselling she needs."

The accuser is a "troubled teen"? Hm... Could it be they are minimizing the allegations and blaming the victim?

Yup. The article goes on to quote further from the statement:

"We will continue to do everything we can to support Pastor Paul and his family - including the accuser - and we ask you to join us in prayer for a just outcome in court."

Posted by God's love on June 9, 2014 at 9:50 AM · Report this
raindrop 6
Why don't you give 'Youth Pastor Watch' a rest Dan and go after cases from Child Protective Services?
Posted by raindrop on June 9, 2014 at 10:36 AM · Report this
@6, shhhhhhhhhhhh.
Posted by seatownr on June 9, 2014 at 11:54 AM · Report this
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Pope Peabrain 10
@9 It wasn't hordes of homos sweeping across the the globe for thousands of years, raping, murdering and plundering. It was, and is, Christianity. How's that for perversion? How convenient you ignore the truth about your own religion's depravity.
Posted by Pope Peabrain on June 9, 2014 at 12:53 PM · Report this
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Pope Peabrain 12
@11 A Christian convent was discovered to have a waste pit of almost a thousand murdered babies. That's an inherently disordered religion.
Posted by Pope Peabrain on June 9, 2014 at 1:10 PM · Report this
Keep it up dan so I can keep reporting these YPWs to facebook.
Posted by jeffy on June 9, 2014 at 1:37 PM · Report this
That should read reposting not reporting above
Posted by jeffy on June 9, 2014 at 3:55 PM · Report this
I'll say it again.

Between the sick, twisted perverted evil of Dan Savage and the vast majority of pastors the choice is easy.

And I bet if I looked up those pastors names many of these reports would be a year or more old. If the vile thing that is Savage told me the sun rose this morning I'd wonder how it was lying or distorting facts. And the anti Christian bigotry of that low life deviant means nothing it says on the matter is of any validity.
Posted by Seattleblues on June 9, 2014 at 5:05 PM · Report this
You_Gotta_Be_Kidding_Me 16
Okay... So to be clear. You are pro pervey/rapey youth ministers. Okay. Duly noted. No need to weigh in here again.
Posted by You_Gotta_Be_Kidding_Me on June 9, 2014 at 5:36 PM · Report this

Okay, so you're a moron who can't read English.

Thanks for the heads up.
Posted by Seattleblues on June 9, 2014 at 5:50 PM · Report this
You_Gotta_Be_Kidding_Me 18
OMG... You ARE a pervey/rapey youth minister! Aren't you?!?!?!
Posted by You_Gotta_Be_Kidding_Me on June 9, 2014 at 5:57 PM · Report this
You don't have to look anything up. Click on the bold blue words at the beginning of each report. They were all published this month. June of 2014. Barely more than a week in.

And even if they were old, how does that change the fact that, oh, youth pastors are molesting kids? Does it "stop counting" after a year?
Posted by Nomen on June 9, 2014 at 5:59 PM · Report this
venomlash 20
Seattleblues arguing with YGBKM is pretty funny.
Posted by venomlash on June 9, 2014 at 7:06 PM · Report this
Can you buy that video on Amazon? Cause if not, HOLY FUCKSHIT BULLYING TACTICS!
Posted by madcap on June 9, 2014 at 9:52 PM · Report this
Hey Dan you should also look out for ya know the GAY priests that molest boys? Criminals and Pervs are Christians, Atheists, Agnostics, Straight and GAY. Just ask any boy who has been raped or molested by a man.
Posted by Sick of Progressive Moral Superiority on June 10, 2014 at 4:13 AM · Report this
You_Gotta_Be_Kidding_Me 23
Posted by You_Gotta_Be_Kidding_Me on June 10, 2014 at 1:21 PM · Report this
Pridge Wessea 24
@20 - I KNOW.

@16,18 - I used to believe you had no redeeming qualities, but now...

Well played sir.
Posted by Pridge Wessea on June 10, 2014 at 3:25 PM · Report this
How about the lesbian basketball coach that just got arrested for raping a 15 year old girl in Federal Way? Just happened yesterday?
Posted by trollytroll on June 10, 2014 at 10:49 PM · Report this
BrotherBob 26
Did anyone else get shivers from listening to the video's soundtrack? It is the Nazi Youth Orchestra Polka Fest of 1938. You can buy it on Amazon!
Posted by BrotherBob on June 11, 2014 at 10:50 AM · Report this

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