At Seattle Pacific University this evening.
  • Kelly O
  • At Seattle Pacific University this evening.

As mentioned earlier, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray went to the scene of today's shooting at Seattle Pacific University and, while saying his thoughts were with the victims and their families, also reminded that this is not a new experience. At a press conference, Murray said:

Friends, we have been here before. Cafe racer. The shootings on Capitol Hill. The shootings at the Jewish Federation. This is a tragic moment for Seattle, and a tragic moment for America, once again.

(It's also the second multiple-shooting in Seattle this week; the mayor will be at a memorial for Sunday's shooting tonight.)

King County Executive Dow Constantine, in a statement, joined Mayor Murray in calling for action:

It's devastating to see the national epidemic of shooting rampages return to King County. It is time for all good people—responsible gun owners included—to rise up and end this madness.

So did Washington Governor Jay Inslee, who said in his statement on the shootings:

I mourn with all Washingtonians tonight for the Seattle Pacific University student who died in today's tragic shooting. There are others still struggling with injuries and we need to keep them, their families and all SPU students in our hearts and prayers.

There is much we don't yet know about today's shooting. But tonight it is clear that amidst the heartbreak, SPU has shown that it is a community that lives by its mission to serve others. There were students who put themselves in real danger to protect classmates from further violence and to aid and comfort the victims. Those selfless and brave acts should remind us of the indomitable spirit of young people.

To see gun violence erupt at a place of higher education shocks all of us. Our schools should be safe havens. And so should our homes, our streets and our workplaces. We need to do more to prevent violence throughout our state.