On his blog, Michael Kupperman says that the latest installment of his comic strip with David Rees, "See Something, Say Something," was dropped by the New York Times. The cartoon addressed male outrage over the #YesAllWomen Twitter hashtag in a very direct way. Even though the New York Times refused to run the comic based on the Rees's script, Kupperman drew the comic anyway. Here's the first panel:

  • From See Something, Say Something by David Rees and Michael Kupperman

Go read the whole thing. The men's rights activists are out in force in the comments on the cartoon. Apparently, they dislike it when people portray them as irrational non-humans. Why don't those dumb men learn to shut up and take it as a compliment? That's clearly the way it's intended. God, if men would just quit whining on the internet, the world would be a much better place. Everyone would be so much more comfortable.