Only two teams remain. Last night the LA Kings just barely eliminated the Chicago Blackhawks in overtime during game seven of the Western Conference finals. It was an amazing, penalty-filled game and since the Kings spent the whole night playing catch-up to Chicago's lead, I felt like the dumb Blackhawks were going to win it. But nope! Surprise! Alec Martinez hit one into the net about five minutes into overtime and Patrick Kane's summer vacation started early (ha ha).

In the last Stanley Cup Slog poll 43% of you hockey fans predicted the Blackhawks were going to win the Cup and almost 30% of you thought the Canadiens would get it. But you were all wrong! BOTH teams are out! So now who's it gonna be? The Kings or the Rangers? I say the Rangers will do it in six games. That's my prediction. What's yours?

Side note: Does anyone else wish that, instead of shaking hands at the end of the series, the players rubbed their playoff beards together? No? Just me? Okay.