This stock-art impage depicts exactly what tonights meteor shower will look like in Seattle.
  • Image via Melkor3D | Shutterstock
  • This stock-art image shows exactly what tonight's meteor shower will look like in Seattle.

Russia Will Honor Ukraine's Election—Kinda: The New York Times says Russia's Vladmir Putin "indicates he’ll respect results" of this weekend's presidential election in Ukraine and work with the winner. But then again, Putin is basically made up of bullshit molecules, so don't doubt he'd also try to undermine the winner with a nonstop propaganda campaign:

Mr. Putin stopped short of saying he would recognize the vote as legitimate, and reiterated his assertion that the government in Kiev, which is organizing the vote, had usurped the power of President Victor F. Yanukovych in a coup. The election would not represent a “general national mandate” he said.

One More Reason Why Every NRA Member Should Be Shamed by Their Friends and Family: Their organization—the organization funded by these members—is still holding back Vivek Murthy 's nomination as surgeon general because he acknowledged that gun deaths are a public health problem.

Awesome: Lizzie Velasquez, the so-called "world's ugliest woman," is making an anti-bullying documentary about her life.

There's a Mysterious Meteor Shower Tonight: The first of its kind, called a Camelopardalids Meteor Shower, but the weather forecast looks cloudy.

Judge Allows Force-Feeding: Of Guantanamo Bay detainees.

Private to Tim Keck: My church insists we eat freshly-caught sashimi for lunch, receive 35 weeks of vacation per year, and be supplied with a harem of ripped, hairless twinks at all times. Which seems reasonable. In related news, the Washington State Supreme Court ruled yesterday that employers must reasonably accommodate workers' religious beliefs.

A Wrong-Way Driver Dies Outside Seattle: Police say the man was drunk and hurtled into oncoming traffic near Port Orchard.

Another Head-On Collision Outside Seattle: Two are dead and three are injured. "Two cars were found—one upside-down and mangled beyond recognition, and the other with extensive damage," KOMO reports.

And in Eastern Washington: A driver allegedly hit a pedestrian at 72 miles per hour, killing him.

Shortage of Execution Drugs: With agents for lethal injection in low supply, states are bringing back electric chair and, no joke, considering firing squads. This leads the LA Times to ask, "What’s next, mass public hangings? Drawing-and-quartering, with heads left on pikes at the city gates?"

New Home Sales: At their highest rate in six months.

My Interview With Seattle's Next Chief: Kathleen O'Toole is the nominee to become Seattle's next police chief. She says some forceful-sounding stuff, but there's not a lot of specificity. Ansel says it's a good video. I'm unsure about it. I think I sound dumb. And for the record, she absolutely did say she was prepared for a "difficult fight" with the cop unions, even though she tries to downplay that comment: