Today's alarming Seattle Police Department news: New data shows that the SPD is enforcing far, far fewer lower-level crimes, traffic offenses, and such in recent years—"including a 49-percent drop in misdemeanor crimes filed in court between 2005 and 2013." Furthermore, a statement from Mayor Ed Murray says:

“The report also suggests people of color disproportionately make up those who are frequently cited or arrested for certain types of crimes or violations, although we still need a more thorough understanding of what exactly this raw data reflects.”

The data, Murray goes on to say, appears "to support what many in the community have told us from firsthand experience: that, over a relatively small number of years, there has been a steep decline in proactive enforcement activity in Seattle.” Is this intentional on the part of the department or officers—"de-policing"? They don't seem to be de-policing when it comes to shooting people. What the hell is going on at the SPD?!

"Armed and extremely dangerous" gunman sought in the area: Take a look at the photo that the Federal Way police released, and call 911 if you see this man. Meanwhile, no news from the SPD in the three recent fatal shootings in the Central District.

Islamic extremists attack town from which Nigerian schoolgirls were abducted: Again, leaving 12 soldiers dead—and then government troops "fired at a senior officer who came to pay respects to the killed soldiers" in "another sign of demoralization."

Rage over mine disaster in Turkey: As it becomes increasingly unlikely that any more survivors will be found, with 282 confirmed dead and "countless corpses" remaining to be found underground, there are allegations about failure to uphold safety standards on the part of the mine owners and local officials—and there are connections between the mine owners and the country's ruling party. A national strike is called for today.

Fast food workers protest today all around the world: They'd (still) like a living wage; would you like fries with that?

What's the deal at the New York Times?: Executive editor Jill Abramson is out. Dean Baquet is in. Poynter offers "a wide-angle view of the elephant’s contours" for media nerds.

Casey Kasem found!: And he's standing right behind you. JK—maybe? After going missing in California, the radio star has been located visiting some friends in Kitsap County with his wife. At 82, Kasem may have dementia, and his family is involved in what's being described as a "daughters vs. wife" situation. Sad. Did you know Kasem was the voice of Shaggy on Scooby-Doo? True.

The Seattle International Film Festival starts today!: And just for you, we made an unstoppably awesome, searchable guide to every single film that is screening in SIFF 2014, featuring original reviews of more than 120 films—39 of which we enthusiastically recommend, and 23 of which we order you to see at all costs. Happy SIFFing!