Somehow this eluded me until the weekend, but Death in June is playing Studio Seven Tues. May 20. This is an exciting prospect for people into esoteric, post-industrial, neofolk music, as Death in June (the singular project of British musician Douglas Pearce, who now lives in Australia) has been creating some of the most compulsive work in this style for over three decades and he rarely makes it to this part of the world.

Controversy has dogged Pearce for decades due to his stage attire and symbolism he’s used to accompany his music that have their source in Nazi Germany. In a 1999 interview with the Russian webzine Achtung Baby, Pearce touched on the subject: “I've an interest in all aspects of the Third Reich. It has had such a huge influence on the world, who could fail to be intrigued by it? However, I've still read more pages of Das Kapital than Mein Kampf!” Furthermore, some of his best friends (and collaborators) are Jewish, and in 2004 DIJ performed in Israel.

This is probably the most interesting gig Studio Seven’s booked since Antipop Consortium in 2009. More info about the show can be gleaned here.