KEIKO GREEN MAKES A LIST in Annex Theatres Chaos Theory
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  • KEIKO GREEN MAKES A LIST in Annex Theatre's Chaos Theory

Brendan Kiley: "I have a feeling this weekend is going to be theater-intensive. There seems to be a lot of new, not-too-serious, summery stuff happening in the smaller houses at the moment: Lollyville (a fantasia about the ghost of a salesman in a town of all women) at Hugo House, Chaos Theory (about a breakup and some magical physics book that dumps people in alternate realities or dimensions or something) at Annex, Creeps (about people with cerebral palsy who’ve locked themselves in a bathroom for a little free time) in that basement theater on Market Street in Ballard, Truth Like the Sun (about a reporter and some fictitious public figure in Seattle history) at the basement Center Theater in Seattle Center, and of course Returning to Albert Joseph at the Satori space in the International District. It’s a good weekend for people to have a drink, roll the dice, and take a chance on an unknown new show."

Paul Constant: "On Wednesday, I'm going to go see Gerry MacFarland and Shin Yu Pai read poetry. MacFarland is everywhere in Seattle poetry and yet I've somehow never seen him read, and Shin Yu Pai is a goddamned delight. Thursday night brings the SIFF Opening Night Gala, with Jimi and a party and, I expect, some big damn fancy surprises."

Anna Minard: "There’s a city council public hearing tomorrow on the minimum wage at Rainier Beach High School at 6 pm It’s basically set up as a big ol’ public comment parade, and public comment goes until 9:30 pm I will be attending this, because I really value an immersive Parks & Recreation experience. (That, and I hope Seattlish and I can finish putting together our public comment drinking game by then to liven things up. City council members welcome to participate.) The rest of the week I will be watering new baby plants and waiting to eat them."

Dave Segal: "I might see fusion-funk legends the Headhunters at Jazz Alley on Tuesday. I am definitely going to check out baroque Dutch psych-pop imp Jacco Gardner Wednesday at Barboza and molten British psych-rockers Loop, who are in the midst of their final tour ever, Thursday at Chop Suey."

Charles Mudede: "What I'm doing this week is preparing notes from Just Money: How Society Can Break the Despotic Power of Finance, a new and short e-book by Ann Petifor, who was in Seattle last week, and is on the advisory board of the local start-up nonprofit IDEAeconomics (the organization has the famous Australian Steven Keen as its chief economist and our city's very own Alan Harvey as its executive director). What Petifor, a South African, has to say about the current banking system is important and makes clear that changing the economy is not about changing the base (a trad Marxist strategy) but our concepts of society. I will have more to say about this on Slog."

Dan Savage: "I'm in LA, going to meetings, which is what one does in LA when one isn't drinking or sucking dicks."