On Wednesday morning, I posted a Slate piece in which Jordan Weissmann worries that Seattle's proposed $15 minimum wage could crash the city's economy.

Today, we turn to the question Salon poses in response: "Worst 'Slate pitch' ever?"

The writer, David Dayen, goes on to say:

It wouldn’t be an issue of economic empowerment in America if someone at Slate wasn’t willing to argue against it in contrarian fashion. In this case, Jordan Weissmann warns that the proposal is “misbegotten,” “a step too far,” “dubious,” “ugly,” and a “cause for concern,” and will inevitably lead to low-wage workers getting replaced with robots and businesses shipping out to nearby suburbs.

First of all, the idea that this is an unprecedented expansion of the minimum wage isn’t all that true if you factor in cost of living. Seattle is one of the more expensive cities in America...

Read the whole thing.